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    we are Euroroid, as you can see we sell steroids.

    but we have registered here honestly not to sell but will post our lab results here as we had fakes in the shop in the past and customers have complained about what we understand and for that reason we have products tested.

    Thank you
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    keeping in mind the results of lab tests, what brand, do you think you will sell in the future?
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    we will soon record andro medica if the laboratory results fit

    It is very hard to find good ulabs, I will post results with pictures today during the day

    Thank you
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    Who is providing the lab results?

    And please don’t patronize is by telling us you aren’t posting in the underground for the purpose of selling gear. That insults our intelligence when your website is plastered in this post.
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    We know your agenda. Stop playing around. You only do this for ONE reason. We are not retarded idiots..
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    For whatever the reason he is doing this the man has made a thread specifically for these tests. I have my doubts and suspicions but I also want to stress that trolling his thread is probably not the best option. He hasn't done anything other than provide testing and mention that he is a source. For these reasons I imposed on him to start this thread, which he complied with promptly and politely. I thank him for that. It serves multiple purposes and will help all parties out if he is here for the right reasons.

    Again, I can't say the I am for this guy. Not giving a green light in anyway but he listened well. That's refreshing.
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    Like all new sources, if You have questions, ask away. Let's keep the trolling out of it., it does nothing for harm reduction
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    ”Not to sell”
    i need no question, he started the thread with a lie imo.
    Good bye.
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    I see he has greytops in stock, but geez, that website needs some serious work
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    I have no doubt that he have some good stuff.
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    we test in 3 labs simec / lab4Tox / janoshik

    That's where we get our results
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    PMP Steroids Masteraxin 200 Drostanolone Enanthate 200mg.png mast200a.JPG mast200b.JPG mast200c.JPG mast200d.JPG
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    PMP Steroids Enanaxin Testosterone Enanthate 250mg.png test250a.JPG test250b.JPG test250c.JPG test250d.JPG test250e.JPG
  14. Cramps88

    Cramps88 Member It is obvious that you want to support your business which is fine if you do the right things here. I like the fact that you are all about testing. I'm not sure flashing Janos test will go over well but I don't want to get into that in your thread because there are plenty of places on meso covering that issue. So why don't you inform us a little more about your outfit. Products, prices payments, stealth. Let's start there some.
    I agree with the trolling @jaymaximus has made some good points in many threads about this. When sources come in we should have decent open dialog. That said all bets are off if they prove to be shady and harmful.
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    I have already said that I also double-test the labs, because I like to be sure that the labs synonymous test properly, so I have given test at jano and lab4tox something because the result has somewhat surprised me.

    I like to add it

    to your other questions, we let the things test because we had fakes in the beginning, we want to offer the best service for our customers.

    That's why we let things test we also have customers who like to know what they have bought, now it is so that we also let foreign steroids tested by our customers for our customers.

    sorry for my bad English :)

    we ship goods not only in the EU but also have many customers in the US, for this reason, we have registered here because us a United States customer left because of this forum gave.

    prices for our products are in the shop, meanwhile we have very good products as you can see test

    If you have questions please ask them I will try to answer all

    Thank you

    Bioniche Pharma Trena-Med A (trenbolone acetate) 100 mg.jpeg Bioniche Pharma Trena-Med A (trenbolone acetate) 100 mg-1.jpg
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    One test says the tren a 100mg has test prop in it and the other test says just tren a , is that the same batch that was tested ? If so which test is correct :confused::confused:
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    do you guys have a re ship policy if the package gets seized by customs in the united states
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    small packet go through without problems through customs
    we had no problem with customs in USA,

    Until now, we had only one inch of problems in switzerland

    Unfortunately we do not refund the money and the goods if it depends on the customs
    Shipping time via is 10-14 days
    we have a 100% delivery rate for the EU
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    Probably doesn't matter. Neither test was anywhere near the advertised 100mg/ml. Not good...
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    Yeah I know its still severely underdosed but my point was which test is correct , one of them obviously screwed up the test .
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