Euroroid TEST 250 Testosterone Enanthate 250mg charge2 HPLC by Janoshik

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    Euroroid TEST 250 Testosterone Enanthate 250mg charge2.png euro t250.jpeg
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    This is your brand ?
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    yes these are our products
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    Filtered with PES?
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    first filtering with 0.45 CA

    second filtering with 0.2 PES
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    Thats bad. That shows how little you know about brewing gear.
    Yeah we know your agenda here on Meso
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    if you have no idea of filtering, just be quiet

    Thank you
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    I know more than you your fucking turd. Research before you filter..
    So you gonna make some bucks here?
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    But i guess you are retarded so you can’t read or do a decent research, poor bastard
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    PES filters show that a lower levels of BA (3%) can reduce membrane effectiveness. I know guys like them because the membrane construction allows for a faster flow but its not durable. Nylon is what should be used when using BA, especially super solvents
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    Quality before quantity.
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    if you have no idea about the cooking, then shut up and fuck you out of this thread

    you call me bastard, then you see how low you are, a little child

    We change the membranes every 100-120ml because the membranes are full.
    we have less than 3% BA

    Thank you
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    I think i have cooked more than you in my life, as you stick with PES filter as newbies do. People who doesn’t know a shit do it with PES or whatever they ”think” is good.
    Learn from people that know things better tahn you, and take some good advice.
    I know what i talk about.

    You think quantity before quality.
    I am not gonna explain to you how to filter gear in a decent way.

    If you selling your shit, than make sure it’s clean and filtered in a decent way.
    You know just because it looks good it doesn’t mean its clean.

    Go home and do your honework.
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    Thank you for the nice words
    So it is also without insulting me

    Thank you
  15. 1-PES filter
    2-Changing filter every 100/120ml
    3-Jano testing
    4-Overdosed by a solid 25%.

    Real solid.
  16. Test 250, overdosed to 313?

    Learn how to measure. Overdosed is just as bad as underdosed. Show's you have no clue about your raw quality and are blindly compensating.
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  17. movingiron88

    movingiron88 Member if you test all of your raws twice or more then why is your product so overdosed. This is a serious question, I'm not trying to pick a fight.
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    because you had the first batch of 230mg, we wanted to give customers back something and it should be 300mg in there.

    why you only moan about, I do not understand that
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    Simple. We want what is advertised. If you test as you say it should be right at 250mg. Not 230 not 313. Are you that bad at brewing?

    Oh and @Den84 are you in bed with this lab?
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