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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by S317, Jul 31, 2020.

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    Seems like everytime I get in a nice groove where I’m really progressing week to week and everything is going perfect the gym I aggravate an old injury and I’m too hard headed to back off until I have to.
    Looks like I’ll be having my left shoulder looked at it’s been aggravated off and on for about 3 weeks.
    I’m still going to continue on. there will be no shoulder work besides rear delts and no chest work besides activation exercises, rom, and stretches. I’ll still hit my right pec with cables and machines.
    I’m 35 with a bad back, achy knees, and bad shoulders, and get neck pain so bad at times I can get migraines.
    The crazy part is not a single injury originated from the gym. It was all from manual labor jobs in my 20s.
    Anyways, thanks for taking the time for reading this and letting me vent. We all know if it hurts stop but that’s easier said than done when you love this hobby as much as a lot of us on here do.
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    Sucks bro, sorry to hear this. I presume you’ve tried massage therapy and maybe a chiropractor?
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    How does your workout programming look? volume, intensity, frequency etc.. how often do you deload?
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    Maybe if you use some gears that convert to estrogens you can have better joints etc
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    Thanks bro. It’s not the first time. I know I’ll have to have surgery eventually just not quite yet. I’m good friends with a massage therapist so I’ll be going to see them tomorrow. I already go to a chiropractor twice a week with my neck and he’s been a life saver.
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    I'll bet the hobo would have had some good training insight for you.
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    Right now I’m running Creeping Death 2 but I’ll normally take a week completely off every 4-6 weeks.
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    I’m running npp, test and dbol. Now I typically avoid any dry compounds. Even var makes me stiff.
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    Lol he was taken from us far too soon
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    I have same issues. Concrete carpenter since 1988. My girlfriend is a trigger point massage therapist. Not sure if your therapist has experience in that field but it does wonders for me. Whatever ails me, whether lower back or knees , no matter how crippling the pain is , she is able to bring me relief every time. The process is very painful but well worth it.
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    Shoulder injuries are the roughest and they seem to be used directly and indirectly in all the major lifts so that is a rough setback to have. Hopefully you had no major damage to the joint over the years and as you get older the joints get less resilient.

    I myself have damage in my right shoulder from when I was a little kid doing dangerous things (like climbing trees), I broke the clavicle close to the tip where it meets the joint structure and it never set right. Never gotten surgery ever since and now I regret it as it gives me shit when I bench. Inquired about it with my doc recently and I was told it would not be cheap (even now having good insurance) and I'd have a longer recovery time. Had xrays done and it shows a large bone growth so I might just man up and get it done.

    Planning on having surgery if it's needed?
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    A good massage hurts like hell and cripples me the next day, but the day after that I feel like a million bucks.

    I have an old lower back injury and seeing an RMT every few months has helped my deadlift more than any cycle or program ever has.
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