Evolutionary.org sponsors MESO-Rx

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by animal71, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself. We are a new sponsor of Meso - evolutionary.org. I personally have about 20 years of experience in the industry. We are glad to be part of such an amazing team and hope to be a great addition to the forum.

    Thanks everyone
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  2. Johnson513

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    What is this evolution you speak of....
  3. So Evo is part of Meso now ? Huh ? Does that mean we have to like Dylan too , lol ?
  4. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

  5. wait what? how did Meso gey sponsored by Evo? Not sure if srs....
  6. double-leg

    double-leg Member

    Well if you cant beat em . Buy em
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  7. Blacken

    Blacken Member

    I feel like I've been mindfucked. So Evo is sponsoring their board here? or am I tripping my balls off on something.
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  8. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    Yes, evolutionary is now an official sponsor on meso. It has been so for months.
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  9. A new low for Meso ....:(
  10. hunterbro

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    Uhhh...... Popcorn please....
  11. Well I guess its time to start evolving into a cyborg ,cant stay a neanderthal forever..:confused:
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  12. Jake Sanborn

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    They sponsor this board and trash talk it aslo? hmmm that's amusing
  13. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    So you guys aren't so upset, here are some tits:

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  14. Captain Androgen

    Captain Androgen Official Representative - Evolutionary.org

    Hello all! I'm Captain Androgen, and I also came over from EVO, and hope to add and contribute to the community. I've trained for over 20 years naturally, and cycled for the last 5. I've competed a couple times, and have plans to do so again in the future. Thanks for having me here!
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  15. Big Mike

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    What is going on?
  16. Gambino2

    Gambino2 Official Representative - Evolutionary.org

    Hey guys, im Gambino.I'm from evo as well.Im a mod over there.I'm 41 years old, ive been training since my late teens on and off.Probably got real serious into in my late 20's.Ive been cycling since i was about 32 and i offically went on hrt last year.Not sure who hates this board but i love it here and i look foward to contributing and helping guys out the best i can.I'm glad to be a a guest here.
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  17. Hammersmark

    Hammersmark Official Representative - Evolutionary.org

    Hey you testosterone loving meatheads! I'm new on here but also am a member of several sites including evo. glad to be aboard. I have been lifting for 20 years and using steroids for almost half that long. I hope to see all you happy and positive juiceheads over the new few years and build wonderful friendships

    thanks for all the warm welcomes!
  18. Ultimatepip

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  19. Mr.B66

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    Am i being punked??? Im confused!! Does this meen that when we say a source is shit we get banned?
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  20. Anyone see "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ? :eek: We are in it ....
    Why Millard why ? :(