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    I was wondering how many people here make their own capsules and experience?

    I apologize if this is a dumb question but I was just curious as to why it seems like more people don't make their own capsules.

    Based on reading the stickies and someone at my gym suggesting it, it would seem to be reasonably straightforward and much cheaper. But I feel like I may be missing something since it doesn't seem like very many people do this.

    Just looking for others input
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    Making capsules is not hard however it is tedious because most capsule machines only make anywhere from 30 to 100 capsules at a time if you have a machine making 100 capsules at a time probably going to take you about an hour to make 300 capsules. However I guess if this is for personal use that shouldn't be a problem.

    Pm me..m
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    Thanks a lot for your response. I really appreciate your insight. That was the sense that I was getting that it is not that hard to do but it was time consuming.
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    Just sent you a pm. Thanks again
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    Its easy. I get a scale. Make a little tea cup funnel with tin foil. Weight the tin foil. Then add some powder to the tin foil and weight again. Then pour the powder into the capsule. I made 200 pills in 20 minutes.

    I actually got the hang of it really good and could tell how much I poured in by hand by +/- 5 mg.

    So I would weight 1 grams of powder on the tin foil and then pour a little in the pill and cap. Always hit 20-30 mg a pill. For poersonal use the 5 mg difference was fine for me. since it was Anavar.
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    I also did it with aromasin. weight .1 grams on the scale. Then wold pour a little in the pill and cap. 10 pills for .1 grams at 10 mg each. It is not a hard process. My pills also have no filler.
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    Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

    Do you have to use filler or no? It would seem easier to just use the powder. Or is it a problem if the capsule is not full?

    Did you use size 0 capsules?
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    You use a filler if you are desiring to fill capsules in mass with a capsule filling machine. In order to get my approximate starting recipe, I filled and packed a size 0 capsule with baking soda and weighed it. Then I weighed an empty capsule. The difference was the baking soda required to fill the capsule. This amounted to .850 gram of baking soda. Then if I was making a 50 mg capsule, I multiplied 50 mg times the number of capsules I was making. This was my total amount of raws to mix. I then multiplied the number of caps being made by .850 and subtracted the weight of the raws from that and that is the amount of baking soda to be mixed. This gets you close to an accurate dosing, but due to differing weights and how dense the raw powder is, slight adjustments are usually required to your recipe. I run all powders and my filler through a sieve (fine strainer) to take out all lumps and solid raw lumps. You can also Mortar and pestle if you like but it probably doesn’t need to be a requirement for home brewing since baking soda is an excellent suspension vehicle in granular suspensions. Mix this up somehow. Shake it in a mason jar or run it in a tumbler. I made a small tumbler to use. If you have a little mix left, that won’t pack into the caps, next time use a little less filler and the current batch of caps will be slightly under dosed but by such a small amount that it really won’t matter for home brewing. Keep notes on your recipes until all adjustments are made and your are satisfied that your total volume of mix is the amount just needed to fill the caps being made.

    An example of my sildenafil recipe for 100caps


    100 caps at 50mg

    5.0 grams sildenafil

    73.6 grams baking soda
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    The above is for size 0 caps
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    Ok that makes sense. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write that and help me out. That was really helpful and very much appreciated! That seems like the best idea.

    If you were making the capsules individually could you not use filler? and just have the capsule be only a quarter or half full or that would would be a bad idea?

    Have you found it matters what you use as filler depending on the active ingredient? or you could use something like creatine for everything?

    Thanks again for helping me out and providing your expertise!
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    I'm guessing you're not using a capsule machine or maybe it's a cap M Quik machine? Have you using a 100 or 200 whole or More capsule filler baking soda I'm not trying to be ignorant when I say this sucks ass because it sticks to the top of the capsule filler the tray and does not fall down into the capsules easy.

    If you're making 100 25mg capsules at a time. Also personally I like size 3 capsules because they're so much smaller. Which means way less filler and powder to play with.

    The proper way to figure out your mixture including raw material is to fill 5 capsules with your raw material and weigh them. Let's say that comes out to 1.8g

    No fill 5 capsules to the top with whatever filler you're using. Which I suggest something that has the same consistency as Proslov 90. Let's say that comes out to be 1.9g

    Then take 10 empty capsules and weigh them. Let's say that comes out to be 1.2g

    The total amount of raw material you will need is 2.5g

    The total amount of filler you will need is

    Remember the more capsules you fill with raw material and weigh the more accurate your results are going to be same thing with you're filler the more capsules with filler the more accurate your results are going to be.

    I'm sure you guys have seen this but if not here's a calculator you can use.

    Steroid powder calculator - Finished oil quantity calculator

    Also if anyone would like to talk about fillers you can always p.m. me I am here to help at least try to help..
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    Thanks a lot. That calculator was very helpful.

    Do you have a way that you feel is best to mix everything?
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    You're welcome brother. Believe it or not one of the reasons I'm here is to help people. Also so that when I have a question, and I need some help hopefully people will help me out.

    As far as mixing your Raw and filler a couple of ways you could go about it.

    You can always go to the gallon Ziploc bag Routr, but again depending on what filler you use is going to depend on how much shaking and mixing you're going to have to do. Let's say for instance you're making 300 capsules and you using baking soda well probably half of that goddamn gallon bag is going to be full, and some might leak out or it might bust.

    By the way these 3 are from worst to best first 1 being the worst.

    Get a tupperware container. Depending on how much you're mixing will determine what size you need. Of only like a hundred 100 capsules a tupperware container like you would get from the Chinese restaurant when he would buy wonton soup.lol when you mix your wrong with your filler if it's only 300 capsules or less what I would do is so you need to put 5 grams of raw in there and 100g of filler. I would add 1.5g of raw material I'm 33g of filler and shake the hell out of it. Then again at another 1.5h of raw material and another 33g of filler and shake the hell out of it. Then put the remainder amount of raw material and filler into it and shake the hell out of it some more. ( use this procedure no matter what you choose to mix it in)

    My favorite way personally just take a gallon jug of water. I believe the ones with the big mouth and the cap that screws on tight is like Poland Springs. You can get them from like the Dollar General. At least that's where I always got mine.

    I would also get a small funnel from any kind of kitchen where store or even again at dollar store you can get a small funnel. Then same procedure as before with mixing the raw powder and the filler. I just feel in that gallon it's much easier for me to shake the hell out of it considering that water bottle even has a handle on it and the cap is not coming off. Another reason I like it is I can pour the ingredients straight from the bottle right onto the capsule tray. When it comes to making capsules little things that save time like that add up a lot. Oh no I didn't say this before but I'm hoping it's Common Sense make sure the water bottle is as dry as it could be before you mix anyting.lol.

    I hope this helps bro any other questions like if you want to make colored Caps or something let me know..

    Well shot now that I'm thinking about it let me throw this out there. My wifr has been harassing me to get her a good old ECA stack. However the few companies I knew that had it are using ephedra instead of ephedrine. Epherdra is 1/10 of the potency of a ephedrine. If anyone knows anywhere you can leave it here or send me a PM and I would appreciate it..
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    Sounds great! Thanks a lot for the advice!