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    Is there anyone on this forum who has had a unilateral orchiectomy or for any other reason has just one testicle? I was born with normally-descended testicles but, unfortunately, when I was fifteen I had to have one removed for a neoplasm. Now I was not happy at all about having to lose a testicle at such a young age but, it happened. I still have a normal, undamaged healthy one left (and it happens to be the left:D).

    Anyways, I've always been very self conscious about this aspect of myself and it has often led me into depression on more than one occasion. Although I didn't think much of it in the first two or three years afterwards, since then it has really weighed down on my psyche.

    Now, I appear to have gone through normal puberty. I can remember being very 'horny' about five months after the testicle was taken out - probably more so than ever before - which I feel is a good sign. It was also about five or six months after surgery that I had quite an explosion of leg hair. Regular shaving started at around 16-17 but I only did it once every three days or so. I had a wet dream every one or two weeks. I was always rather 'lanky' and lean without noticeable muscle but I feel that this might just be my genetics because even as a boy I was always on the lean/skinny side in comparison to my friends.

    Since I entered my 20s I've been very self-conscious though about the possibility of having low testosterone. I had my testosterone checked twice by an endocrinologist when I was 21 and each time the number I registered at was "20" (which I believe is nmol/L?). I was tested at about 9 am.

    Recently I went in again (I'm 23 now - almost 24) and I registered at 22.3 (and the doc said that normal range was 6-30). I was tested at 8:30 am.

    Would anyone know if this sounds normal for a 23-year-old? I sometimes wonder whether my testosterone is low but I'm also aware that I have paranoia issues surrounding it:

    On the one hand, since I was 22 I've started to 'fill out' a lot more and I'm no longer as teenagerish looking in physique. Currently I'm 6'1.5 and I weigh 173 lbs. I always felt quite 'aroused' just touching my girlfriend when out on dates, and I masturbate 7-14 times a week:eek: I now shave every day as there is 'just' enough hair to warrant it. I have normal leg, armpit and pubic hair. I have no chest or back hair, but I'm very Nordic (Baltic German) ethnically, which might explain why.

    On the other hand, I am concerned with the fact that I struggle with depression, but I know it revolves around body image issues (being short one testicle). I used to get morning erections in my later teens (after surgery) but I don't find myself waking up with them anymore. I also find that I'm not really stimulated by visual things like I used to be when I was in my early teens and just entering puberty. I wonder, is this just a normal part of aging? I can't impress enough though, the fact that I have terrible self-esteem issues revolving around sexuality in general because of what I'm 'missing'.

    Anyways, I would be very interested to hear what anyone has to say about all this, and even more interested to hear anyone who has an experience in the same boat. There's a lot of knowledge on this forum.

    Thanks for your time!
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    One testicle working normally is more than enough to manufacture all the testosterone a man needs :)
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    I feel your pain kid. I had a nut removed 8 years ago. I was 42 then. My self image never did return. It's gotta be really tough at your age. I went through a couple of years of depression because of this, Unfortunately I started to drink instead of finding help. The good news is I gave up drinking 6 years ago.

    Anyway, you should see a psychologist if you're having problems with self esteem. Also, have you kept up on your yearly surveillence? You may want to try TCcancer.com for additional info.

    You're T level doesn't look bad. You should ease up on the wacking it though. Your last boy has to cover the function of 2. I've read that the remaining testicle can make up for 11/2 times of what you were producing before your cancer.
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    If it bothers you that bad it would do you good to seek counseling. I could be wrong but haven't they produced a prosthetic testicle just for appearances? If you have the money check into having a fake put in the old sack.

    Another way to think about it is; what would you feel like if you had lost a leg or an arm?
    Your lady won't care and if she does then she ain't for you.
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    These may help

    Ask a Doctor about prosthetic testicle

    [ame=http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=prosthetic+testicle&btnG=Google+Search]prosthetic testicle - Google Search[/ame]
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    Prosthetic testicles are not covered under insurance and it's expensive. Anyway, it's now water under the bridge for me. I'm 50 and married. For the man who started the post, he's young and single.

    I certainly do know somewhat how a woman that had breast cancer feels, although with women the damage from the cancer is noticable unless she would get augmentation. With a guy and testicular cancer, It's only noticable naked. I won't go into the psychological part except to say I don't feel whole.
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    Hey Virtuosa,

    Yes, I feel that same way. It does leave one with a feeling of lack of 'completeness'. Regarding surveillance, I was assessed five years after my surgery but I am not on any regular screening because the neoplasm I had was deemed to be benign by the pathologist.

    Anyway, I have noticed an absence of morning erections ever since I entered my 20s. Have you noticed this in your case and in my case do you think it could be due to the heavy 'wacking' as you called it?
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    Hi CrazyCrew,

    Thanks for your suggestion. In point of fact, I DO have a 'prosthetic' but it really doesn't make any difference. I know it's not functional, so it really doesn't help in that department.

    From a cosmetic standpoint it is significantly smaller than my real one, rides very high and is hard to the touch. It could be spotted as fake a mile away (well, maybe not that far away:D). One of the real pains in the *** about having a unilateral orchiectomy is that it leaves you with way more 'bag' than you need, so what you have left sags a lot more. I'm sure virtuosa could attest to this as well. My real one hangs much lower than it used to be, but I guess this is somewhat advantageous from a functional point of view.
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    Get this, I now have one nut in the bag that's about the size of a grape. I'm probably primary, hcg didn't work.

    It's good that you got a prosthetic, even if it doesn't look quite right.
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    Did you have you're E2 level checked. Lack of morning wood could be the result of high E2.

    As for me, I have sporadic morning wood, but that's it. I have pretty bad ED. My hormones are so fucked up right now. Almost as bad as when I started 9 months ago.
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    No, I never had E2 checked. I'll have to look into that. I don't seem to have a T problem because the numbers I gave you were from a time when I was largely sedentary, depressed, played no sports and ate more liberally from fast-food joints. In other words, I wasn't practicing very good self care at the time. I just recently got into an exercise regimen and I wonder if I could raise my levels even more through that.
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    my 20 year old son had one testicle removed due to testicular cancer. I checked it out and had several consultations with several experts in that field. He ( and you) can expect to live a normal life and his testosterone levels will be fine. However, using aas should be out of the question. It's similar to having a kidney removed- the other one will pick up the work load and everything will still work. But, make sure you take care of your remaining kidney and in your case your remaining testical.
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    Hi Jackie,

    What is "aas"? I'm sorry to hear about your son. What age was he at diagnosis? Did he have to have any additional treatment besides the orchiectomy? It seems that TC is becoming more common and happening to younger and younger men. Here in Ontario there has been a 2% increase in incidence each year over the past half century and the greatest increased has been seen in the teenager-twenties demographic. I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with the heavy industry here.
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    as pointed out, one good nut does the trick. A military acquaintence/buddy lost one but has fathered 3 children and is still built like a freakin tank.

    Before marriage my friend had a BUNCH OF GIRL FRIENDS, I MEAN DOZENS!!! No doubt he had a complex at first but he learned to be totally honest and upfront with the ladies (war injury, got the needed parts and it works great).
  15. JustTheMan

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    Thanks for that note of encouragement, 'ceps. I appreciate that. It would be interesting to know how your friend suffered the loss of one of his (in my experience talking to others, reasons for losing one vary WIDELy - so nothing really surprises me anymore ;)).
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    If this is the case, that then why is it that men with varicoceles on one testicle have lowered test levels. I heard bthat too, but after looking at reports of improved test levels after varicocele surgery i am thinking their must be impairment
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    what I'm saying is don't mess with your natural hormones. You're still young and your body will take care of your natural testosterone by itself. A lot of experts believe testicular cancer is being caused by all the plastics that we use but who knows.
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    This was not a close friend but I do know that in this case it was a war injury; he nearly bled to death! Losing a "boy" is never good no matter the reason but you can overcome the psychological damage no matter the reason. People live with one kidney, one lung,women with one breast, and men with a single testicle.

    Hang in there dude!
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    Endocrinology is not my medical field of expertise at all! I am at best a rank amateur. I would sugest some blood work first. I am thinking that if E2 is low some Pregnenolone rub on cream used every couple of days on your forarms would do the trick and would be cheap and work great! If that is the problem! I would look at that Test reading as ok but not great due to your age and the fact that we know your one testicle left can not put out 2X it's normal output so your bound to be a tad low. Anavar would make perfect sense at a very low dose like 5-10 mg.......Taken at low does it does not shut down your normal Test ouput which is why it was used a lot on children with developmental issues because it would still allow normal and nutral puberty to happen should the body decide to turn itself on......I know a guy that took Anavar as a child all the way up through H.S. he also had to take Growth Hormone shots as a child up through middle school......By the end of H.S. his slugish endocrine system had finaly caught up with his body and he now does not take anything and he is a very muscular man just not a very tall. So my experince with Anavar is secondhand but I watched my friend grow and develop and knew all about his issues for all of his life we where best friends from 2nd grade on....I would talk to your Doctor about trying you on maybe 5mg of Anvar twice a day.

    Now as for the mental health aspects nothing really matters other then the fact you have self esteem issues and body image issues more then likely tied together. It does not matter what the source of the low self esteem is the treatment is normally the same.

    First your lack of self esteem radiates from you the same way confidence and high self esteem do. SO if you want to attract a very desirable woman or man if you are into men you need to fix this. It will affect all aspects of your life from job interviews to performance at school and in selection of girl friends etc.....

    I would start with Self Affirmation get a good book on it and study and apply it you need to convince your subconscious that you are confident then you will be. I would deal with the self image part of things buy replacing my mental image of myself and how I felt about it. Try every morning and ever night lieing down in a relaxed position. Count back wards from 100 to 1 with eyes closed and in a deeply relaxed state. Then see a mental projection screen in your mind and on it put the image of yourself you desire.....ie see your self as being musccluar, lean and very confident.....get very detailed about the image the richer the detail the better........Feel happy, excited about the new and improved you and very satified.........Believe that is how you look now...........Take steps towards making this happen with exercise and when exerciseing imagine that body and what it looked like........ If you do this and believe it and take direct action to make it happen it will happen.....Slowly your mind and body will change to reflect the image of yourself in your mind. This is not vooddoo it well proven to work by the Russian's, The Germans, and by many pioneers outside of the sports and body image market like Jose Silva!

    Two products I would highly recommend for you......For the affirmation part of things Paraliminals not to be confused with subliminal messages. These play affirmations out loud that you can hear. Two different scripts are used one script goes to the right ear and one to the left. Google it. DO not get the elaborate all in one type kits in your case I would get a single CD just for self confidence. I am using these with young children and having great effect. By young I mean middle school 6th-8th grade and they are working great! The other is the Silva Ultra Mind ESP System......It is a complete mental training program that will quite litteraly change your world and your life. It will teach you how to master your mind in ways few outside of well trained Mental Health Professionals ever even know is possible. The man started off trying to research ESP and such but by accident stumbled onto all kinds of very real mental training systems that work to allow you to access your mind directly and reprogram it as you see fit to change what ever you want to change about yourself! It will open your perception and how you interact with the world and other's and will truly be very empowering. Think of it like Body Building or Power-lifting for the mind! I would go to AMazon and look their.....Their are some of his older programs that are substaly the same as the newer version just 1/2 the price of the newer versions. When Jose Silva died his Daughter took over and re-released an entirely new program and web site to be able to generate new income off of his work. The older 8-11 CD programs where made while he was still alive so she could not make a dime off them since those programs where copyrighted to other companings like Nightingale-Conan the same people that brought us THink and Grow Rich and programs like that.
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    I had testicular cancer when I was 32 and had my right testicle removed.

    I'm now 59 and can tell you from experience that no woman that I've had sex with cared that I only had one testicle. And none ever mentioned it. All any woman cares about is that you have an erection when it's time to f..k and you give as many orgasms as she can handle.