Experiences with legend pharmaceuticals

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by raspy23, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Capt Forest

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    Yeah at the 6 week mark i am going to get bloods in order. pretty much just going to have the free and total test checked.
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  2. raspy23

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    I saw a bunch jumping for the freebies....wondering how those turned out
  3. juicy

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    Just noticed jan 2014, 30 posts :rolleyes: smh
  4. Capt Forest

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    lol you tryin say i am a shill brah?!

    I assure you its just a coincidence. positive or negative i will post up my blood work to give credit where credit is due or to give warning from personal experience like your self and look out for the others.
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  5. juicy

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    Yeah I am sure every single person buying from legends on this forum just came here jan 2014/feb 2014 and is going to 'review' them...pls.

    inb4 all positive reviews.
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  6. Capt Forest

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    wow i see no reason for you to start in with me. I was under the impression that we were in this to figure out if the gear was gtg.

    I am going to get blood work done on my legend only test e run. I dont see you posting blood work or even getting your bunk dbol lab tested to help out the community. i took a risk and ordered from this new guy if i get burned so be it. But i will just like you warn the community that it is bad if it is.

    And yeah i want the stuff to turn up positive i did invest in it and would like to know that i am not wasting my time and money on a cycle that did nothing more for me then injecting canola oil.

    I mean no offence to you. I just though we were in this together for the community.

    EDIT: also here is a link to my anabolicminds handle View Profile: CaptForest - AnabolicMinds.com Forum
    maybe that will help.
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    No, we're not quite sure what juicy's in this for.. Anyway, don't mind him.. Welcome to Meso..
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  9. Capt Forest

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    Thanks man. Its better place over here compared to AM.
  10. juicy

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    If you get burned I am sure you would be rowdy too, I think its quite evident I got burned and I am pissed the fuck off no shit. That's why.
  11. Juiced1

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    I received 25 bottles of legends out of the 25 one trenE crashed. Everybody is saying it froze but how could one bottle out 25 freeze makes no sense :confused: