Expired Testosterone?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by James23, Feb 7, 2007.

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    James23 Member

    I have a vial of testosterone that expired on 10/06. Needless to say, the degradation is gradual, so if it was safe to use during 8/06 and 9/06, it'll be safe on 11/06 and 12/06.

    Does anyone know how they set these dates? Is 10/06 the date that, say, half of the potency would be gone?

    It was compounded testosterone and the expiration date was very, very close to when I purchased the medication. Very strange. It's the "brand" that Crisler gets from Signature Pharmacies.

    I want to take testosteone again, and I can't afford a doctor's visit or another vial. Shall I give this a shot?
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    Dutch Buster

    Dutch Buster Junior Member

    working is still 100%
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    deadlifter405 Junior Member

    I've never been able to find it again, but I did read a US Air Force study that showed that practically all medicines are viable for many years past their expiration dates with at least 80% potentency left after 10 years past due. Many drugs remained effectively potent up to 20+ years past due. This study was an effort to address the large cost to the US armed forces in constantly having to throw out large quantities of drugs when they hit their expiration dates. I believe the US military did decide to continue to administer drugs for several years past their expiration dates as a result of the study. No idea how this study relates to testosterone preparations, but it seems reasonable that several months past expiration is not a concern at all. I have come across some posts on other sites where guys would use injectible testosterone preparations that were 2 years past expiration with no ill effects and all the good effects still working.
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    onenut Junior Member

    I have several vials from a compounding pharmacy with 6 month expirations from the compounding date. I have a vial from British Dragon that doesn't expire until 2010.

    I think you're good to go without much or any loss of potency.

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