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    Our repost from last Friday-

    Although it may be bit late in the evening for many of you, we wanted to properly introduce ourselves before the day ended. We will keep it somewhat short and concise, and we will not ignore any skepticism, questions, or concerns. We will try our best to be mindful of our response times, as we working from both from PST and GMT+530.

    Who we are-

    We are ExpressPCT.

    Our website-

    We offer cheaply priced, generic pharmaceuticals shipped from both within the US, as well as international/worldwide. The products we offer are all conducive of bodybuilding/fitness/health needs.

    We are a fairly new business, and we have absolutely no relations to any other business/vendor, or to any other forum handles besides our own. Our home forum/the only other forum we source on is SST. Our current status remains active as a verified source there. You are able to view our entire sourcing history (TA’s,reviews,feedback,etc), as we have no past history elsewhere.

    Our beliefs/values-

    We believe in simplicity, security, and professionalism. Our goal is to provide each customer with an easy and affordable way to purchase pharma-grade medications and in cases where speed is of importance , our express line aims to cover those needs.

    What we offer-

    Express products -
    These products are shipped from within the US, and have a T/A between 2-5 days. We have avoided using blatantly incriminating terms (to whatever degree of security it may provide, if any) and so they are referred to as “express" products on our website and by us directly.

    Express product information
    - Shipping cost- $10
    - Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours, Monday-Friday.
    - Delivery time Is between 2-5 days.
    - We do not provide tracking, unless it has been more than 7 business days.

    Available products-

    arimidex 1mg- $11.50 per ten pack
    Stock- High

    Cabergolin .5mg- $13.50 per 4 pack
    Stock- High

    clomid 50 mg- $6.99 per ten pack
    Stock- High

    nolvadex 20mg- $6.99 per ten pack
    Stock- Medium

    cialis 20mg- $7.50 per ten pack
    Stock- High

    viagra 100mg- $7.50 per ten pack
    Stock- High

    Modafinil 200mg- $12.99 per ten pack
    Stock- Low, Restock ETA 12-15 days

    Finesteride 1mg- $6.72 per 10 pack
    Stock- OOS, Restock ETA 12-15 days

    Xtane (exemestane) 25mg- $55 per bottle
    Stock- OOS (Promo product only, expect it to be offered very shortly)

    Accutane 10mg- $7.50 per ten pack
    Stock- Medium

    Lisiniprol 20mg- $11.50 per ten pack
    Stock- Medium (Restock ETA 4-7 days)

    hcg 5000iu (premixed/non premixed)- $25.99/$26.99 per vial
    Stock- OOS, Restock ETA 4-6 days

    We evaluate inventory at the end of each week, and place our restock shipments based off current inventory, past sales, current sales, and estimated future sales. Pricing fluctuations occur for each product based off of our current stock levels. If you are a well established customer, you may email us with the lowest pricing we have offered per product (non sale pricing) and we will gladly honor it.

    International products

    Please view our website for the catalog list of available international products we offer.

    - Shipping cost-$15 (free shipping on orders over $150).
    - International orders are shipped within 48 hours, Monday-Friday, tracking is provided at time of shipment.
    -We will reship all seizes packages upon proof of seizure letter, or if your package has been stuck in transit for more than 20 business days.
    - We ship via DHL by default, however you may specify EMS if you prefer. In cases where we have stock in Singapore we will ship from there.depending on location and load of carrier. Shipping courier overviews-
    -Customs pass rate- 94%,
    -Signature required
    -Average T/A-7-15 days
    -Delivered by USPS
    •DHL global mail-
    -Customs pass rate- 99%
    -Signature not required
    -Average T/A- 7-15 days
    -Delivered by USPS
    •Singapore Post (Available for select products only)-
    -Customs pass rate- 100%
    -Signature not required
    -Average T/A- 6-12 days
    -Delivered by USPS


    - We have a site wide minimum of $50, excluding shipping cost.
    - We accept the following cryptocurrencies- BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XMR. We offer a 5% discount for all XMR payments.
    - All payments are done through our website using CoinPayments, unless you choose to contact us via email and place your order directly with us. We are never oppose to this, however we do ask you follow basic vendor guidelines-
    1. Full order including shipping cost.
    2. FULL first and last name, valid shipping address.

    Communication- (proton only) (tutanota only)
    -PGP upon request
    -Onion link available very soon


    We have the utmost concern for both our customers privacy/security, as well as our own. Here are some things we do to help us achieve this-

    * We encrypt traffic on every page of the website, instead of only some.

    * We only accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

    * We only use encrypted email. If you contact us without Protonmail/Tutanota we will ask you sign up to one or the other.

    * Guest checkout is offered, this way customer data is purged automatically rather than keeping account data. If you create an account with us, you have the option to fully delete your account and all of its data (including orders), at any given time from your user panel.

    * All order data is purged once orders are complete after a 40 day time frame (with the exception of user accounts of course) (You can confirm this by viewing your account).

    * All server/website connection logs are automatically purged daily, they're not needed to maintain a solid service and so we do not keep them.

    We will reveal our full (semi full) OPSEC procedure only to a select few high valued Forum members. Please PM us here first with your email and we will correspond further.

    Thank you for your time Meso, we hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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  2. Robby550

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    Is this stuff pharmaceutical or ugl? Weird to me everything is in "10" packs. How many packs need to be purchased to get original sealed box?
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    Apologies for the confusion in how the quantities are phrased- Per ten pack, means per pack of ten pills. A reference point for this would be in our photos.

    Original boxes are always 10x10 packs (100 pills).
  4. Seattle23

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    I'm guessing this stuff is generics from Russia correct?

    Edit- Sry my mistake, I looked closer at the cialis. They look the same as the ones I had from Russia but aren't.
  5. ExpressPCT

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    Haha, there are many things we wish we could have added/altered about our intro post..
    We ship from-
    -The US/DOM (only inside the US, we do not ship US—international).
    -India (most stock)
    -Singapore (select products/assorted stock).
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    Just a quick side note for everyone, we have donated to AL a little over a week ago. We are currently awaiting the username flair.
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  7. MCFC

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    To me pretty much everything looks like your basic India product such as Alpha Pharma, Titan. Etc... There's ALOT of them but I can't remember most. I've had both good and bad products from these India "pharms". Probably the only item I'd like to try is the cialis and viagra. Reasonably priced if the doses at actual pharma grade.
  8. ExpressPCT

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    Currently we have not stocked any Alpha Pharma products (or similar), nor do we plan to do so as they are not GMP/WHO certified. Our products are manufactured by companies such as Cipla LTD, Sun Pharma, etc.
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  9. tengtren

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    I've used you guys for a while now, glad you've come to meso
  10. Seattle23

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    Agree most all generics are coming from india. It was a few years ago I had this source that sent from Russia. Who knows maybe they were just middling the stuff from India. But man the Cialis was cheap and the pills were magic. Made some good money selling them to the guys at work too boot haha
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  11. ExpressPCT

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    Thank you! We are happy to be here.
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  12. rpbb

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    your prices are high compared to suppliers like alldaychemist
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  13. ExpressPCT

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    Hmm, do you have an example perhaps?
  14. RikudoCan

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    Hello ExpressPCT, do you guys ship to Canada? Good success?
  15. rpbb

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    you're international caber, could you maybe get a generic version, and I can get the same exact thing domestic for 40 percent cheaper from another source already established
  16. ExpressPCT

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    Their product-
    (Cabgolin .5mg)
    x8- $17.85
    $17 shipping
    Total- $34.85

    Our product-
    (Caberdost .5mg)
    X8 (2 packs)- $17.98
    $15 shipping
    Total- $32.98

    All of our products are generic, so it’s a bit confusing what your request is haha. We do have access to both Caberlin, as well as Cabgolin, but we have since the beginning decided to simplify our catalogue and list only 1-4 brands per medication. If you’d like those products, you may email us and we will gladly have them shipped!
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    Yes we ship to Canada. We have maintained zero seizures, however we have only shipped 10 or so total times.
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    OVIDAC 5000iu is now in stock for our US line.

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  19. Nela

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  20. Maybe you were going to ask him to ship you a few blister packs on the house to see if they'll make it through customs?

    Maybe you'll threaten to blow up this thread too with some bullshit testing report that you, and only you, possess?

    Get fucked, Nela.

    @ExpressPCT be wary of this clown, especially if he PM's you.

    Also, If you weren't already aware, Meso doesn't do freebies. Don't be lured into a deal where someone will promise to give you a glowing review in exchange for free items. If they do, we encourage you to name names and publicly shame them.

    Best of luck to you, ExpressPCT.