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  1. I 've been on TRT for 8 years. I recently lowered my dose to 60 MCG E7D with no AI from 100 MCG E7D with no AI. I don't have bloods yet but after 3 weeks I feel fine. I run competitively and have had no problems. Sex life is fine. I hit the gym for. Hard upper body workout last week and CAN BARELY MOVE 3 days later. I'm 48 years old.

    My question: is this normal for a man my age (I suspect so) or do I need to up my dose?
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    Is this your first time in the gym in a while? I could tell by your post
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    Sounds like you overtrained your body. Prolonged muscle soreness is the main thing I notice when I go dry off my trt. I hardly allow it to happen much but life grabs ya and priorities take over. Bloods, doc visit and all that mumbo for trt.... Sometimes I just ain't got the time....

    Bloods would be the best apporach before jacking up your levels. But if I were to take an educated guess... Training as if your test levels were as high as they used to be but no longer are... Could easily put the soreness right back in you. Simply put... The lower our test levels, the longer it takes to recover from a rigorous training sesh.

    Best of luck to you!