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  1. raspy23

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    Hey bro's & broets,
    Any of you use extreme peptides before for anything recently? Found some older threads but wondering how they have been quality wise recently. Looking for nolva and clen. Also would LOVE liquid var! Anyone know where that might be hiding?
  2. Colt44

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    It's not hiding in your PM inbox. ;)
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  3. Colt44

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    Haven't used extreme. Used purchase peptides. Contrary to popular opinion, I actually had a good experience with their nolva and clen. This was a few months ago, so that might have changed. I would stick to pharm for pct though. If you get bunk clen, you're out a little cash. Bunk PCT and you're out a hell of a lot of hard work.
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  4. A-a-Ron

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    Funny you posted this. I just got done writing Extreme peptides. I ordered clen and t3 about a month ago. I was not satisfied with their T3, however, their Clen was great. Maybe a bit overdosed, so start off on the low side if you buy from them for your research.
  5. dhriscerr

    dhriscerr Junior Member

    Their clen is strong
  6. thebeastijwc

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    adex is either fake or grossly underdosed along with there nolva and t3. I'd stay away imo
  7. dhriscerr

    dhriscerr Junior Member

    Wasn't big on their aromasin but tamox seemed to bring me back good during pct
  8. noah_k

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    Aaron - what was wrong with the t3? I used it & while I don't like t3 as a drug it certainly spiked appetite.
  9. A-a-Ron

    A-a-Ron Member

    Noah-I used another peptide source's t3 and had great results leaning up. However, with Extreme's I had no results. I didn't even get the increased appetite or increase in sweating like I had before. Maybe it was just a low dose batch. Their clenbuterol, however, was the opposite. It seemed overdosed, which is not a problem as long as you start off low, which I did.
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  10. dhriscerr

    dhriscerr Junior Member

    Ya their clen was wicked even starting at 40mcgs
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  11. extreme was g2g for me
  12. I used a couple vials of their MT2. Worked good.

    I am always wary of RC sites in general though, there seems to be to much inconsistencies in quality for pretty much every RC site I have heard of / looked into.

    FWIW I would sooner look into using overseas pharmacies like Alldaychemist / Reliablerx when it comes to pct meds over most RC sites.
  13. A-a-Ron

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    Just an update on my situation with Extreme's t3. I tried to resolve the issue last week through the "Contact Us" link on their website and got no response. However, yesterday I did get a survey email from them and decided to reply to that with my problem. I received a reply a few hours later requesting order and lot #, as well as a request for the link I tried to contact them through (they said there was no open ticket). I will keep everyone updated on the situation (and hopefully a resolution).
  14. tileguy123

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    Ok clen sounds overdosed how is the liquid dex ????? Vets anyone ???
  15. inkandmuscle

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    Anyone ran the prami??
  16. HuckingFuge

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    they sold me bunk shit.
  17. A-a-Ron

    A-a-Ron Member

    Per their instructions, I am sending my bottle of t3 back for a replacement. We'll see....
  18. The-technician

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    Tried their t3. Didn't do fuck all

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  19. Fckit

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    I hate these damn RC threads, every one is a horror story for the most part. Pony up the extra cash and go with someone like European Pharmaceuticals or some sort of pharm grade where you know what you're getting. Don't play games with the pct and ancillaries, or do and learn the hard way.
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  20. HuckingFuge

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