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    is there a euro pharm thread?
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    I'm wondering what the point of them sending a new bottle is, but I thought I'd see so I can give a final report on here.
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    Yes, I can't link it now, but it should be on first page of underground somewhere
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    Just an update. I got my replacement bottle of t3 today. This one was definitely different from the first. The liquid is cloudy and the taste is a little bitter. We will see what happens. They also added another bottle of clenbuterol. I guess I have a lifetime supply now. Ill update on the results. Worse case scenario is I come out even financially. At least they are making things good.
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    One thing about these RC companies, I've never heard of one having bad MT2 but I'm sure some people have had a bad experience.
  6. only bought basic chems from them like exemstane and torem for my rats. always worked
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    RC sites suck ass.. go pharma or go home!
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  8. Changed my order last minute after sending him payment. He was cool about the matter. Props for that. adex is on the way. I can feel my libido coming back and the pissyness leaving lol
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    What made you choose extreme? Thought they were having issues with bunk product. And were removed from a couple sites where they were sponsors because of it not too long ago. Good luck though. Hopefully im wrong.
  10. Dis regard this post. It was meant for 24kPharmas adex. Dont know why it got posted here.
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    Was wondering why you decided to ressurect the thread..
  12. Anyone know why they stopped carrying research chems??