Extreme tiredness

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  1. Bc033103

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    currently running 350mg test and 500mg tren weekly, it’s not my first tren cycle but it is the first time I’ve been absolutely wiped out everyday pretty much dragging myself to the gym. Looking for suggestions on something to add to kick this shit!
  2. Dr JIM

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    I’d START by investigating non-AAS causes for such vague complaints.
  3. Bc033103

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    Nothing has changed at all, diet is good, bp is a was a little high but I have that back on track. I actually tried sending you a pm but it wouldn’t let me
  4. Eman

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    Why would you want to add more to this? It'll just increase the variables.

    Could try getting bloodwork but what you probably need is to deload, adjust diet and rest.

    I would drop the tren and get a few nights of good solid sleep and see how you feel. A lot of users tend to report increased sleep apnea issues when using tren. It's possible your blood pressure was related to this but it could be caused by a number of things.
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  5. legendary

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    Wouldn't high alt and ast from tren cause fatigue
  6. G2Ready

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    That goes with my first recommendation.... DRINK MORE WATER
    dehydration for me first thing that happens is lethargy....

    Tren Loves CARBS …. LOTZA PASTA

    Then lowering dose...… why drag ass---- gotta go with Big E why add more compounds to this.
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  7. Spooby

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    Yeah dude, get a CMP done, eat more carbs, and drink more water. See how you feel in a couple weeks. Try to go to bed an hour or two earlier.
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  8. Spooby

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    tren will dehydrate the fuck out of you if you don't pay attention to your water intake and electrolytes. I've been through some serious cramps in the abs, calves, hamstrings and quads with tren before, learned the hard way.
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  9. Spooby

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    I prefer peanut butter bagels, rice cakes, cheerios.... spinach pizza... mmmm
  10. TideGear

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    What worked for you? Just more water?
  11. G2Ready

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    I hang fluids .....

    Easiest way to tell if it’s dehydration

    Take on a bag— if ya feel like a million bucks in the morning — bam
  12. Spooby

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    Lol I don't have the knowledge or equipment for IV... wish I did. Much simpler.

    I never result figured it out honestly, it quit once I finished the cycle. I think I was dehydrated from the get-go though and just couldn't keep up... probably an electrolyte imbalance as well
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  13. G2Ready

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    If ya got a Labor/ out in weather job

    Look up hydration stations— most big city’s gottt em ....

    I get fluids at least once a month when I can get the bags —- I prefer once a week
    (In summer)

    Most on this board say just drink the water—-

    BUT I won’t run tren in summer with my kinda job and no fluids EVER AGAIN

    Next time u get night sweats from tren — think about why ur body’s overheating and get some fluids— wouldn’t be surprised if it went away;)
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