Extreme violence in our inner cities !

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Aces, Mar 17, 2018.

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    you look at the extreme level of violence in cities such as chicago, new orleans, detroit, st louis, and baltimore, you will notice most of the violence is in black neighborhoods. Some will argue that poor neighborhoods will have more crime regardless of race and i agree. However, very poor neighborhoods dont always translate to extreme violence. You can go to very poor white neighborhoods in west virginia or kentucky and there is virtually no violence. What i did notice is that almost 75% of all blacks are born out of wedlock. I think thats the true problem. When you dont have a father in the picture, you probably wont have discipline in the household. Most often these kids dont even know who their fathers are and have siblings from differnet men; hence they have no real identity. At least with divorce, the father most often has a relationship with his child and is only a phone call away from giving him an ass kicking if he is disrespectful to teachers or cops. I am shocked none of these black athletes take the time to sit down with these communities and talk about the many issues one brings on to both themselves and their children by bringing them into this world not only out of wedlock but to a very young woman with no skills. It really makes no sense., my god, almost 75% !! Thats kind of crazy.
    I really feel that as long as this form of irresponsibility perpetuates, these communities will be violent no matter how tight gun control laws are. im only posting facts, im not being racist. Children born into a traditional family regardless of race ir wealth, have a MUCH high probability of being a productive citizen opposed being born out of wedlock.
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  2. Your logic is analogues to a swimming pool with a lump of dog shit all the way on the other end. And although I’m all the way on the “clean” side of the water. I’m still not getting in.

    So you you have spent so much time at a trailer park and have done an elaborate study on poor white males affinity to stay by their toothless counterpart’s side for the sale of the baby?

    You entire argument is an attempt to differentiate violence from “extreme” violence and to attribute that to the black population. I think you have a bias opinion. And I think you find comfort in ignorance.

    What promoted you to post such gibberish on a steroid dedicated forum? Did your little loaf of wonder bread run of with “one of them blacks” and now your all pissed off?
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    they’re all cities run by democRATS.
  4. That’s interesting...then and how do you explain states like Florida?
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    By this excerpt alone I can tell you've never been to rural West Virginia...
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    But almost all mass shooters are white. White males.
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    Statistically, the original post is correct. Not making a statement of opinion.

    This has been studied and verified.

    My comment is factual and not meant as a slam in any race.
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    Lmao at this dude. Hatfield and Mccoy lol
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    I grew up across the street from a descendent of the McCoy clan! I don't live in WV though, but close... It's crazy how you can drive just a little South and you're in a whole other world.

    Statistics don't take into account the kind of shit that goes on in the rural communities of places like West Virginia. You think inner city black gang violence is bad? Fuck with the wrong "good ol boy" in WV and he'll kill you and tie your wife to the raping tree out back... That shit doesn't go into the statistics. Sounds like something that goes on in a 3rd world country, but it's as American as apple pie.
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    I have heard of stories like this.

    Anywhere there are hills there are deep down rednecks.

    I have an employee from the deep hillbilly Tenessee hills and he has some good stories and some not so good. Even he says it's s different world.

    Kentucky, West Virginia, Louisiana and many other states have areas where minding your own business and being a stand up guy are very important.

    Missing bodies don't count in murder statistics!!!
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    Absolutely... There is an area not that far from me that I have heard of some bad shit going on. No cops go up that way... It's not the mentality to call them. You solve your own problems. Not unlike some kid in a gang in Baltimore... I live very close to there too, going there next weekend. I am probably more comfortable walking through some of those iffy neighborhoods than I am driving through back roads in West Virginia.
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    A young black man in the US is more likely to be murdered by his own kind than any other cause of death.

    I believe single motherhood has not worked well to shape a model of positive masculinity fit for life black, white or brindle.
  13. If this stuff bothers you that much, there are two pretty good options.

    [1] Move out of shitty areas (I'm assuming you live in these areas? Because why else would it effect you that much?)


    [2] Turn off the fucking news, go outside, pet a strange cat, take a deep breath. Relax. Get some smoked BBQ, maybe some sliced brisket with a side of fresh cut fries? Get an ice cold diet coke with that too.

    Then come back and let me know if you're still getting charged up over this shit.

    If you are, then you got more problems then the people you're complaining about. At that stage, a much stronger treatment is indicated (ever try salt-baked salmon before? Delicious, and that shit will set you straight if the above approach failed).

    My practice is open all day OP, and we take walk-ins.
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    And for the majority recreational drugs continue to be the underlying cause and the trash that is a part of that landfill.

    What a waste of human life as many will never be given the opportunity to grow intellectually, physocally or mentally.

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    Don't forget alcohol ^^^
    That stuff is poison to some people!
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    You got a purdy mouth.
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    You gonna do some prayin
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    I promise you, it won't be good.
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    What would Jesus do?
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    I am only posting stats. You guys mention “ certain poor white area’s of west virginia”, those area’s dont come close to the violence in black neighborhoods. Look at chicago for gods sakes. Yeah, its controlled by democrats but what does that have to do with blacks killing blacks?? Everything starts in the home. The disintegration of the traditional black family is the ROOT CAUSE of all the black on black violence in my opinion. Many black families simply lack discipline amd structure in the household.
    Of course whites commit violent crime but not nearly to the degree of black violence. you cant just blame violence on poverty.
    This is not a racist thread, its based on facts.
    What kind of shot in life does a child have if they are brought into this world by a very young mother who isnt married, has no skills, and is poor ????
    Thats almost 75% of all black children.