Eyes fucked from serms

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    So I have ran a few cycles in my lifetime and it’s been a few years since I’ve ran one. Every serm I’ve ever ran fucks with my vision. nolva, clomid and even raloxifene fucks with it. I now have floaters in my vision ever since I ran a low dose 10mgs a day of nolva for a few months to try to reverse some pubertal gyno. 2 years later they are still present and annoying as fuck. I’ve already had my children (I’m not planning on having more) so should I just blast and cruise or is there any other options available. I love juice, but I love my vision more.

    My question is, are there any medications or ways to combat the vision changes from serms? Or is there a safer serm? (such as torem) or maybe try triptoerlin to restart?
    Any help is appreciated.
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    I'm sorry to hear that
    Next time use SERMs only as an antiestrogen, only for gear whose estrogenic derivatives don't show on bloodwork, like Dbol or Trest.

    For T use frequent bloodwork to gauge estradiol and adjust AI dose accordingly.

    For pct use hcg during cycle, and for 2 weeks after last pin.
    You may wish to use some tiny dose AI after cycle as well.
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    Honestly I'd consider seeing a doctor, no pun intended.

    So you're saying when you take them and when off of them you still have vision issues?

    I'd talk to a doctor. There might be a medication etc that can help. I'm on clomid for low test and I read vision issues can happen with serms although I don't so far have any noticeable issues. (My issues with Clomid is it makes me tired and spaced out.)

    Sorry I never asked my doc what would happen with vision issues to offer anything more. Maybe my next appt I'll ask but that's not for months.