F it, gonna run Tren long term

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stanfoo, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Long story short, hopped on Test hoping for quality of life improvements due to having low energy/libido my entire adult life. 11 weeks in, no changes. Patience has run out, getting on tren now. Everyone knows you feel like a god on that. Should definitely fix me right up. At the cost of my health no doubt, but I'd rather live the next 20 years like a beast and then die of a heart attack than continue on like this. I'm a man, it's time to start living like one. YOLO.
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    This is the dumbest post on the board and there’s a lot of other dumb shit to beat. Congratulations.
  3. This doesn't sound irrational in any way, shape or form.
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  4. This is a bad idea, you don’t even know if you had low T to begin with. Fyi there are plenty of outta shape dudes on tren cause it’s not some magic tonic that will sculpt you into some beast, but we already know it’s about the libido. Not sure what makes you think you’ll live 20 years taking tren permanently, and I’m sure even if you get that elusive libido boost initially that in due time you’ll feel like ass and be back at square one. Go to a good dr and find the root of your problem, roids aren’t the answer.
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    Running Tren permanently has to be ran at 1G or over every week for the Crazy libido, and God feeling. Let us know how you feel in a year, if your even ALIVE...
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    try quitting porn and not having sex for 3 weeks. then see how u feel. swear to god do people just not know porns effects on dopamine receptors? shit pisses me tf off.

    seriously i swear to god. try it. 3 weeks. i bet u wont make it
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    This is the stupidest thing that I've ever read on this forum by far.

    Congrats, you beat out neon coloured gear guy...

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    I think you have some bunk testosterone. If you've been on for almost 3 months you should be much leaner, feel better, better libido. tren is not the answer. A hell of a lot of bros here will tell u they felt like shit on trenbolone. I always did. Use it without test and you're not getting a hard on. What's really the point
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    You're an idiot.
    You're going to feel like dog shit, get really sick and die. Much sooner than you should.

    Or maybe you should? You didn't procreate?
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    U could do blow 24 7 to that would really improve ur quality of life
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    If you aren't controlling E2 (and that MEANS BLOOD WORK to confirm your AI is at the optimum levels for both test and E2) you are doing it very wrong and this is a common outcome.

    Going to tren from test long-term is a fool move. If you know what you were doing you'd be looking at proviron or masteron E etc...
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    I don't see how taking 100mg of tren and 100mg of test for the rest of your life could be that damaging. I think cruising on 500mg of test is worse.

    I added 200mg of tren to a blast halfway through and it was almost unnoticeable, before that I had started a blast with 350mg of tren and it slaughtered me, getting through each day was a struggle and I was near tapping out.

    What dosages are you thinking about cruising on?
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    You must suck at training and eat like a bird
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    Very amusing. Thx OP
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    Change your source. Most likely underdosed/bunk test. My first test cycle was with severely underdosed test. I got ED on it because it had exogenous test in it (so i was shut down) but it was less than my natural test.

    Change your source man, even if its "reputable"
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    I read somewere there was a link between tren an Alzheimer's it was a long time ago ill c if I can dig it up
  20. Doubtful that he is getting blood work to check E levels when he never even got blood work to confirm he had low T. Feelz is a terrible way to determine if one has low T as other problems can have the same symptoms.