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    had to open my mouth 3 weeks ago to a buddy,said i never got it,but NOW i think i got it.I have a little lump under my left tit kinda. Feels weird ,and realy dosent hurt , but kinda does sometimes, it kinda weird. So i have been taking 30mgs of nolvadex and thats it. Can u guys give me some tips to stop it? First time using nolva, cause i have never got it, and this is my 6-8 cycle
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    if your using deca, tren, or Anadrol get some bromo fast!!!!! nolva did nothing for me using these drugs. i have also heard arimidex helps a lot. the longer you have the lump, the less likely it will go away. i would say start with about 80mg of nolva per day for other drugs and see what happens. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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    I dont mean to sound like a dick but that what you get when you jump around doses and have poor cycle planning....
    I just seen your post about adding EQ. I also read your posts about Deca and dropping SuperTest.

    You should do way more research, buy a few books even.

    You dont have any arimidex or other aromatase inhibitors?

    Because nolva only blocks estrogen receptors so that will just put off the gyno. id doesnt do anything for circulating estrogens so when you drop the nolva, your titties will return.

    Get some arim run at 1mg per day, up your dose of nolva to 60mg daily, and because you are/were using deca grab some B6 and run at 500mg daily.

    This should help stop that gyno, next time get some arim in the first place and run at .5 or .25 ED.

    Depending on how far along it is (if its just swollen glands or actual breast tissue growth) will determine if you can even get rid of the gyno.

    BTW what is your cycle? 6-8 cycles and youve never used nolva once?
    damn guess you dont like taking precautions.
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    Some gyno info.

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    Yeah i jump aroung from time to time but i have never had any prob, and the t-400, GEEz my ass can only take so much,,, gonna start calling me lumpy soon, only asking quesiton on EX, im in my 7-8 week and am goign to my last 4 weeks of winny and some other cutters and i dont have poor cycling !!! just ask alot of question and see what responces on them to get some better insite, gonna try the armi and THX FOR THE ADVICE
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    I used 10mgX4ed nolvadex. 1/2 arimedex ed. for 4 days. It worked.
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    I have heard of some guys take 50mg/day of nolvadex over periods of 8 to 12 weeks to lessen the gyno. Ask IP if he still has that "Gyno-gone" stuff. It's a gel you rub onto the gyno an it actually gets rid of most of the gyno.
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    Okay, I have to call bullshit on that one. Once you get gyno, you are fucked. NOthing will make it disappear besides surgery.

    My advice to this bro is to switch brands of nolva. I got some goods from LR before they got busted, and i'm convinced it was mostly fake. Could be under dosed or fake. Unlikely, but very possible.
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    gyno is easily treated with nolva....once it fibroses, then it's too late, but that's not any time soon. Nolva at 60-80mg/day for about a week (or until symptoms subside). Don't go megadosing on AIs...just use about .25mg/day. High circulating estrogen levels mean nothing when estrogenic activity at your breast is blocked. Once symptoms subside, continue the adex at .25mg/day and the nolva at 10-20mg/day.

    This isn't directed at you specifically, but why the hell do I still hear the "keep nolva on hand" crap? There should virtually never be a "i've got gyno" post. it's no mystery what causes it, so all you old-schoolers with the "keep nolva on hand" advice, save it. Go ahead and do that if you want, but don't advise people to be careless. there is NO reason not to use nolva throughout a cycle....none.
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    I'm waiting for your apology :D