Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FTT010101, May 20, 2006.

  1. FTT010101

    FTT010101 Junior Member

    Honestly with 100% seriousness... I think if I ever caught someone breaking into my car again I think I would kill them... not because I would want to... but because I would lose total controll and just keep beating them until I had fragments of their skull splattered on my face.... (yes Im having a bad day... Shit happened again 3rd time at this apt complex... entire dash ripped out... deck gone... along with my gum and mints :mad: those bastards!)... So ready to move... so very ready....

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

  2. THL

    THL Junior Member

    That sucks man. I fucking hate theives with a passion. Before you kill the dude you should do this to him:

  3. unt0ld

    unt0ld Member

    I hear you bro.

    you should just sit on the top of ur building with a rifle and scope and wait for them to try to rob ur shit again.
  4. FTT010101

    FTT010101 Junior Member

    For sure guys... THL I owe you one man... you have made me laugh even on a day like today, thanks bro... seriously

    and its not even the material shit im pissed about... its like a violation of me and my shit... its just... fucked up... dont know how to say it other than that... its just fuckin low.

  5. dukebrown

    dukebrown Junior Member

    I know how you feel. My truck got broken into, they tried to pry the door open and bent the shit then it broke the window and they stole my camera. 3 days after I get the truck back from repair some jackass does a hit and run.
    This is my first brand new truck. Im thinking about sticking to older ones from now on.
  6. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    FT, if it means that much to you, Ill buy you a new pack of gum and a tin of Altoids. :D

    Sorry to hear about your car. That really sucks.
  7. THL

    THL Junior Member

    Somehow I can't picture your cheap ass buying the name brand mints. :D
  8. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Sorry, I should have said "Altoids-like mints." :D
  9. FTT010101

    FTT010101 Junior Member

    Lmao, im over it now... whatever ill get a new one eventualy, just gotta cope with no music for a while... nah, i was just suprised... they left a lot of valuble stuff... then jacked my mints and my gum... just ... well... kinda random. Whatever... back to studying...

    oh, my mints... lol, cheap brand name...

    but if you are so inlcined you can get me some HALO-Toid's if you want ;-) I can see the add now... "Get huge, and have great breath while your at it"