Facebook knows what sites you surf?

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    It seems to go beyond sites where you Liked something
    they seem to be able to track all your browsing habits
    even Mozilla launched 'Facebook container' an add-on that's supposed to keep Facebook spying at bay.
    Facebook Container – Add-ons for Firefox

    How does Facebook does that?
    Is tracking disabled once you logoff facebook?
    What about deleting facebook cookies or clearing history?
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    I'm pretty sure Facebook listens in on you as well. You see that video about that couple talking out loud around there cell phone that they needed to get more dog food. Even though they don't have a dog, within 24 hours there Facebook feed had a bunch of dog food advertisements
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    Mark Zuckerberg's laptop microphone and webcam taped over.

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    Good luck with that ! Hahaha
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    I don't know about how to delete, you can use other sites for searching other than google
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    [2003] Facemash [Zuckerberg] Creator Survives Ad Board
    Facemash Creator Survives Ad Board | News | The Harvard Crimson

    The creator of the short-lived but popular Harvard version of the Am I Hot or Not? website said he will not have to leave school after being called before the Administrative Board yesterday afternoon.

    Mark E. Zuckerberg ’06 said he was accused of breaching security, violating copyrights and violating individual privacy by creating the website, www.facemash.com, about two weeks ago.

    The charges were based on a complaint from the computer services department over his unauthorized use of on-line facebook photographs, he said.

    Zuckerberg said he will not be forced to withdraw or leave school for any amount of time, but declined to elaborate on whether the board took some lesser action.

    He said he was notified on Nov. 3 that his case would appear before the Ad Board, the day after he decided to take the site down, partly due to sharp criticism of the site’s use of ID photos and ranking students according to attractiveness.

    Comments on the e-mail lists of both Fuerza Latina and the Association of Harvard Black Women blasted the site.

    “I heard from a friend and I was kind of outraged. I thought people should be aware,” said Fuerza Latina President Leyla R. Bravo ’05, who forwarded the link over her group’s list-serve.

    Zuckerberg said that he was aware of the shortcomings of his site, and that he had not intended it to be seen by such a large number of students.

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    Does Facebook Track Your Activities Even After You Log Out? Zuckerberg Doesn't Know
    While Zuckerberg was able to answer most of the questions from the US Senate, some question left him totally clueless at the hearing.
    News18.comUpdated:April 11, 2018, 12:04 PM IST

    Facing the heat from the US Senate for the role of Facebook in the recently surfaced Cambridge Analytica data breach, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was bombarded with questions from 44 senators inquiring into the workings and policies of Facebook. One such question that surprisingly found Zuckerberg dumbfounded was if the social media website collected its users' data even when the users logged out of Facebook.

    During the Congressional inquisition, US Senator Wicker asked Zuckerberg "There have been reports that Facebook can track user's browsing activity even after the user has logged off the Facebook platform. Can you confirm whether or not this is true?"

    Zuckerberg was apparently taken aback with the question and reverted with the following answer: "Senator, I want to make sure that I get this accurate, so it'll probably be better to have my team follow up with you on this."

    Even Senator Wicker was surprised with Zuckerberg's lack of awareness on the topic and immediately replied with "You don't know this?"

    Zuckerberg then began to open up with his answer "I know that people use cookies on the Internet and that you can probably co-relate activities between sessions. We do that for a number of reasons including security and measuring ads to make sure that the ad experiences are most effective, which people can of-course opt out of. But I want to make sure that I'm precise with my answer so let me follow up with you on this."

    Senator further asked Zuckerberg a follow-up question: "Would you also let us know how Facebook discloses to its users how engaging in this type of tracking gives a better result?"

    With this, the four minutes allotted to the Senator were over and the question baton was then passed on to the next Senator.

    No matter what Zuckerberg proves to the Senate after the inquisition through his team, it is kind of hard to believe that Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who started Facebook and is responsible for its working, does not know what can be considered as a highly-intrusive level of tracking performed by his platform. In a way, Zuckerberg has also answered this question with a yes but did not want to elaborate upon it.

    On the flip side, however, it is perfectly alright for a person to abstain from answering a question in a Senate questioning as everything that a person states in a hearing like this can be held against him or her in a court of law. So it is a common practice to abstain from answering questions in such hearings, the correct answer of which may not be known to the witness.

    The Congressional inquisition is still going on at the time of writing. You can follow up the live updates from the Zuckerberg's inquisition by the US Senate here.
    Does Facebook Track Your Activities Even After You Log Out? Zuckerberg Doesn't Know

    So it looks like deleting cookies is a start
    anyone knows any cookies/history SHREDDING (not just deleting) apps/add-ons?
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    They know everything about everyone. If you've used google, gmail, facebook etc they keep everything on file.

    Having said that - the labour cost of processing a file is quite high so they don't bother unless you're legit in the shit.

    That's why if you're doing something they don't like people doing, you've gotta get your head around OPSEC.
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    It looks like a cookie shredding browser or add-on would be a giant leap for cybersecurity
    Gmail cookie stolen via Google Spreadsheets
    A security researcher says obtaining one cookie could have compromised all Google services in a new Internet Explorer cross-site scripting attack.
    Gmail cookie stolen via Google Spreadsheets

    Is it true that any website can read the Windows serial #, thus potentially identifying the computer?