Fackts about Analyzer

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by mercury, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. mercury

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    Analyzer is fake all evidence is in this report posted by another member in the thread below


    Let’s check result sheets

    Notice the 3 different "location" with agilent 1260

    so there's at least 3 HPLCs

    so it's a big lab.

    The HPLC naming is automatic in Agilent system

    this means there probably are many many more HPLCs P1-A... P1-B... P1-C... P1-D... P1-E .

    if we assume the GCMS is also in that lab and it's not faked then the guy must be at NATIONAL level size laboratory...

    What national level size 'accredited' laboratories are testing steroids for 40$ on forums officially?

    It's probably some national environmental or food controlling lab and a lab rat working in there.
  2. mercury

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    here is another fact

    he first tested on 13th a day before Good Friday, Easter Monday admitting that he is trying to make himself standard which makes me to laugh

    then on 19th he comes with another test on HPLC claiming that he has standard now

    you do not get standard, controlled substance over night during holidays, it takes long time, you need to get approved

    So he went to the lab boss to tell that he is running side job and needs signature to get it:)

    it is lie and fake
  3. mercury

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    more facts

    1. Mands tells everybody what is he having tested - a pharma (or fake pharma) anadrol and pharma (or fake pharma) primo

    2. The dosages of those exact products are literally available everywhere and even if they weren't it's easy to assume standard concentration of primo mg/ml and Anadrol pills are wide known

    3. So mands sends these to the guy and receives data for anadrol that are pretty much the same as expected (and cannot be verified otherwise) and BAD data for primo (first test showed 86?)

    4. Suddenly the expected result of 100 mg/ml is produced with some special method totally different from anadrol?

    And at the same time we have attempts to discredit Simec (accredited lab) by Analyzer himself and Jano who has been here for a while and built trust.
  4. MadBret

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    More facts. This tool that sometimes calls himself @mercury and othertimes goes by @kunh stands to lose money that he makes by doing labmax testing for other members. He's mad and trying to discredit because it affects him monetarily.
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  5. Iron Vett

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  6. mands

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    That is the ultimate question. It's not because he is trying to help out meso members, I promise you that.

    It's totally derailment of what the purpose of this thread should be about.

    @mercury why don't you just send unmarked samples to him to test. Problem solved. Oh wait you have a little kitty chemistry build a bear testing kit with black lights to determine how good your gear is.

  7. mercury

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    there is difference between trying to discredit it would be making things up

    and posting clear evidence pointing to facts.

    I did not make anything up it is simple plain fact and evidence
  8. Iron Vett

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    You are attempting to discredit his testing due to the techniques he used for the testing.

    What I am saying is, even if his techniques are not industry standards, if the techniques used meet the requirements needed for Meso members, it is more than we have now and that is good enough for me.

    I will withhold any further opinions of his testing until he explains my question in the Laboratory testing of AASs, GH, peptides... thread
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  9. Eman

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    Fact; you spelled fact wrong.
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  10. mercury

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    Do you have any knowledge about testing and lab procedures to distinguish between fake reports and real one.

    Why would you discredit Jano but endorse this fellow ?

    Is there any track record and long term reputation for Analyzer ?

    You still fail to notice that it is messed up report and the samples might be as well

    10 mg/ml or 100 mg/ml

    All sounds that you have some agenda in this guy but not providing credible test results for Meso.
  11. ickyrica

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    Put your money where your mouth is and send in some samples.
  12. Iron Vett

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    So. Do I have any knowledge of testing or lab procedures? My internet credentials in this area are the same as yours. Maybe. Maybe not.

    I never participated in any thread where (edit)Jano was concerned.

    I am not endorsing this fellow as of this time. As I stated above. I reserve any further opinions of his viability until my question is answered in the Laboratory testing of AASs, GH, peptides... thread
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  13. MindlessWork

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    @mercury aka @kunh you are acting like the dumb fool you are. Mands is one straight shooter and you surely know that.

    Gtfo with this shit!
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  14. mercury

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    the funny thing is that you guys will do anything to salvage your reputation instead of admitting that you are fools and how easy you can be fooled by fake lab report

    and do not admit to plain and simple evidence point one by one that the test results are made up.

    you just put your reputation at stake ignoring all the facts and evidence instead preferring to call people fools, because you do not have any other argument left

    calling somebody fool because you cannot dispute the evidence I presented makes you simple moron
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  15. colossus25

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    I go to sleep for a few hours and this chicken shit starts a thread with the same bullshit he was spewing on the last. I think ill go back to bed now.....
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  16. Bradly

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    welp, Ill tell you what
    Im going to send two unmarked samples to @Analyzer, raws, Im not sayin what anything is.
    and Ill post the results.
    the bad news I have 1 sample now, Im waiting for the next sample to come in, should be twoish weeks. probably between now and then somebody else will get results posted.

    my biggest concern,if I have one. is analyzer is janko,playin whack a mole.
  17. Whoremoans

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    @mercury is such a cunt, holy SHIT lol. Dude. Let it go. Peddle labmax on another board, I'm sure you can still get some sales out there. I don't know if it's because you're foreign or whatever but to EVERYONE BUT YOU, it is obvious that you have motives. Analyzer being here is in direct conflict with you profiting from labmax testing. So you're trying every dirty trick in the book to discredit him. It's shady as fuck, and really makes you look terrible.
  18. colossus25

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    Lmaoo we'll do anything to salvage our reps? You started two threads and hijacked another to try and discredit @mands and @Analyzer and made a fucking fool out of yourself while you were at it. If anybody is trying to salvage anything its you trying to salvage whatever little business you might have had left. Instead you ended up scuttling your reputation here on meso indefinitely.
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  19. colossus25

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    Go take your light show and circus act else where you'll never be anything but our plaything on meso now.
  20. mercury

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    it won't do unless you had it tested and know already the test results.

    send to Simec at the same time then we can compare test results.

    he already fucked up with primo giving two conflicting test results.