Fact or Fiction: artificial sweeteners release insulin

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  1. well the title says it all. I would like to get some opinions from guys knowledgeable in this area. I myself drink one zero calorie monster a day. What is the cost to our physique or even heath when artificial sweeteners are consumed regularly? Does our body respond to it as it would to actual sugar? I’ve read where it’s actually much more difficult to break down than sugar would be so there is more of a negative result instead of the positives artificial sweeteners supposedly provide. Please enlighten me.
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    Apparently, this is a messy topic.

    Honestly, I use ALOT of sweeteners, primarily aspartame. And I just researched this to confirm my assumption that this was all hogwash, I mean, no calories=no calories. A sweetener is not sugar.

    Yet, the media got ahold of this topic and paraded around the flashy headline, "Sweeteners linked to Weight gain, Not weight loss."

    However, the operative word here is "linked." The msm seems to have, as they fucking always do, distorted the actual findings to present a flashier news report.

    The title suggests that the studies found that sweeteners were CAUSALLY linked to weight gain, whereas the studies only demonstrated that the two were CORRELATED. They suggested that sweeteners make people desire sweeter foods or that people who use sweeteners believe that by using sweeteners, this allows them to gorge on other sweets (recall that one Family Guy clip of an obese girl taking a sip of a Diet Dr.Pepper then declaring, "Now I can eat anything!"

    As for the blood sugar, there seems to be evidence that sweeteners raise blood sugar levels. (Could Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Blood Sugar?). Though I don't know what other physiological effects this would entail.

    All in all, it doesn't seem likely that one sugar-free monster a day–in my opinion, after just reviewing the literature–would have any noticeable effect on your physiology.

    I myself use aspartame quite heavily, so it's possible my conclusion may be a product of motivated reasoning. Nevertheless, there are plenty of articles on this that you can review for yourself.

    Hope this helps,
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  3. Yes thanks for your response and we do share the same perspective on this topic. That monster is the only AS I consume during the day so it is what it is. I don’t consume them on keto days. I want zero insulin response on those days not leaving it to chance haha
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    You’re never going to get a no insulin response to food. It’s impossible and would likely kill you if you did.
  5. Yeah I didn’t think that one all the way through. I guess just maintaining my sensitivity.
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    I have been using artificial sweeteners like SweetNLow and aspartame for years and had no issue with weight gain. Stevia I have recently started using and it gave me no issue as well.
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    Exercise and dropping fat will help maintain good insulin sensitivity.
  8. Yeah I’m just trying to tune in, as finely possible, my nutrition. I do use insulin if using 6+iu gh so maintaining my sensitivity is important. Note I do not use very much at all but I would still like to do things properly and not leave it to chance. Thanks for the input guys. I’ll keep drinking my monsters for now..
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    Don’t fret just keep training hard :)
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  10. Thank you brother, that’s already a given;)
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    If I might get some advice back.

    I am just preparing to start my first cycle of Gh (my first cycle of anything, for that matter) and I have been getting different reviews of the sides. I am intending to do 4iu/day. Might I ask what your experience with sides has been and at what Iu's? Thanks.
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  12. Well I only run black tops (meditrope) and they are claimed to be overdosed 15 iu a vial. I put 1.2 ml of back water in em so maybe they’re even more potent. I ran 7 iu a day right out of the gate on my blast. I did not suffer terribly from sides but I could notice water retention, tingling funny feeling in my feet and hands, I was pretty damn tired, and that’s about all I can think of. Nothing unbearable but I am a younger guy so maybe sides effect me less I do not know the science behind that though. My .02
  13. It was getting a little difficult to grip the bar!! :)
  14. On 4 iu a day now and no noticeable sides. I can’t tell how you will respond though man. Some guys get sides some don’t.. you will have to try and see
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