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    So I think I made the mistake of posting this in the "steroid" forum rather than the "New member introduction" forum...whoops

    First off, thank you to everyone on this site for the information in the articles, stickies in all categories, and posts in general...I've gained a lot of valuable knowledge. Safety comes first for me.

    I'm 39yrs old, 6'2, 190LBS, BF12%. I've been lifting off and on for the last 16 years or so. Endurance training, combat sports, and bodybuilding. I'm too old for all but the latter and am now focused on physique since my body is aging and I cannot bust my ass for 4 hours a day of intense training. I currently have a good BB training protocol in place and my diet is straight. Got back in the gym 1 1/2 years ago after a Rotator Cuff/Labrum repair.

    I've been on TRT since September of 2018 and have gotten dialed into my lab numbers. The last 3-4 months I've played around with my prescribed 200mgs T-Cyp weekly dose since I only need 140mgs to stay in the normal ranges for T, E2, CBC, Lipid numbers, etc... I found that when I increased my dose to 245mgs per week using EOD injections of 70mgs I gained size I could never achieve as a natty BB. I cycled 4 weeks at 245mgs, 4 weeks at 140mgs, another 4 weeks of 245mgs and back to 140mgs of Test-C. The gains of course came gradually on the 4 week cycles of the 245mgs and go quickly once returning to 140mgs. I've seen some mild strength gains stay after being off the 245mg cycle but body comp is pretty close to what it was before I ramped up my dose…this is probably to be expected with such short cycles of Test-C.

    In 3 months I plan on running a 12 week long 500mgs T-E or T-C cycle per week cycle (with 100mgs of Deca weekly thrown in for back arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease and shitty elbow pain) with an AI for E2 control. Beat my body up pretty bad when I was younger so I'm trying to play it safe since I'm starting to feel like an old fuck at an early age. Orals aren't out of the question but I want to be careful since I damaged my liver by the time I was 23 and it took a couple years to bring it back to perfect health. Was thinking about starting my cycle out with a low dose of D-bol as well. Looking at the UGL threads to see who the safest buyer is and will purchase once I feel confident. Any tips on the proposed cycle? Any suggestions? Also, how the hell do I get vetted to get ahold of a UGL guy on here when I'm ready and feel safe about my source to start my cycle?

    Thank you and stuff
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    Your test cycle sounds good. I assume you mean safest source? You said buyer but your the buyer???
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    Yup, safest source. Legality and product quality/sterility are what I'm referring to, and yeah I meant seller.

    Thanks for the feedback brother. What do you think about waiting 3 months after the short month on/off cycles...good practice? Also what are your thoughts on using Deca and D-bol? Deca's for joint problems and feeling old as shit. D-bol would just be a kickstarter for the T cycle.

    How does one get vetted to get some goodies from an UGL source on here?

    ...and how the fuck do I erase the duplicate post I made in the Steroids forum?! That would irritate the piss out of me if I was them.
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    Never used deca, can't help you there with dupe posts. As far as cycles, I read time on equals time off.
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    In regards to a source, no one is going to tell you who to use. You need to do your research and decide yourself. You don't need to be vetted to use a source. One or two aren't taking new customers, but there are a number of others who are.
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    Appreciate you taking the time to answer this brother. I'm going to keep pouring through threads. Hopefully another experienced member like yourself can chime in as well on the Deca for achy joints/Dbol for the start of my cycle questions.

    Thanks again @Tiredandhot
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    Theres a new source just popped up. Might want to keep an eye on the thread, many are waiting to see how it plays out. You could also search the forum for your deca question.

    Take care and see you around.
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  8. Only you can make the best decision for you!!! Read up and take it all in. You'll find a source! Welcome to Meso.
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    Welcome to Meso. I think you’re putting too much faith in Deca to help with those issues you’re having. While Deca helps with your joints and can help with tennis elbow, it will likely do nothing for the back arthritis and definitely won’t help with anything on the degenerative disc disease. Good luck bro.
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    Appreciate the reply. Looking for as much experience and knowledge on these compounds as possible.
    Ran across a couple NCBI PubMed articles supporting the case for using Nandrolone Decanoate for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis after several clinical trials involving the compound provided to offer relief for non recreational AAS users...hoped this might benefit me as well.
    Is there anecdotal evidence of BB's using this compound for arthritis and not recieving any relief when running it?
    As far as my elbows go, I dunno WTF is wrong with them. I don't think it's tendonitis though. I only experience pain from pushing movements (bench presses, dips, pushdowns, pullovers, etc). I get no pain whatsoever from Lateral Raises, Chin ups, curls, rows, etc...

    So what's up with this? Any experience on this kind of elbow pain?

    ...and kind of joint pain relief do Nandrolone compounds benefit? I've heard hypothesis stating that it increases synovial fluid and/or promotes collagen synthesis but it's exact mechanism of action is unknown.
    Any stories of anyone who's actually benefited from it?
    Thanks again in advance for any experience you might have or know of
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    Appreciate the welcome brother. Just soaking it all in for the next month.