Fake Compassion by the media

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Piney, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Piney

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    the media needs to take acting lessons. They act like they care about immigrants and its so obvious they dont. The democrats and the liberal media are a bunch of liars and cowards.
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  2. LeoTC

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    The media is just the propaganda wing of the US Government. None of them give a fuck on either side of the isle.

    Dan Rather is legit the only newsman I have an ounce of respect for since Hugh Downes died.
  3. T-Bagger

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    Lol, Dan Rather is a clown too. Walter Cronkite - he was legit.
  4. LeoTC

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    Rather is well spoken and can form a coherent thought.

    That puts him ahead of 99% of the pack.
  5. T-Bagger

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    I’ll give you that. But that’s all I’ll give you on Dan.
  6. johntt44

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    "What's the frequency Kenneth?"
    Dan Rather is a fucking nutbag.
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