Fake? cycle advice?

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    Hi guys,
    It’s my first post and my second day on the forum :)
    I asked my gf to get me some gear since she was in Thailand and she got me a Testoviron Depot by Bayer and Body Research Danabol DS, I checked the Test and I’m almost sure it’s legit but I’m confused about the Danabol since I have read mixed reviews regarding it. She got the stuff from a pharmacy tho.
    I was also confused about which cycle I should go for
    Option 1:
    650mg test e 12 weeks
    500mg deca 10 weeks
    30-40-50-40-30 Dbol 5 weeks
    100ui hcg twice a week
    0.5mg arimidex eod
    Option 2:
    500mg test e 10 weeks
    300mg tren E 10 weeks
    30-40-50-40-30 Dbol 4 weeks
    100ui hcg twice a week
    0.5mg Arimidex eod

    I’m 31 y.o, 5’9” , 165lbs, Almost shredded.

    My goal is maximum muscle gains.

    My last cycle was a year ago
    500mg test c 10 weeks
    300mg deca 8 weeks
    50mg Anadrol 5 weeks

    By end of cycle I gained almost 20lbs of WEIGHT been able to keep 10lbs from them.
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    I heard stories that even legit pharmacies will sell bunk gear to farangs especially tourist places especially pattaya.
    best to have a referral to "the" pharmacy from someone who's sampled
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    Thanks for the advice acro
    I started my cycle 4 days ago splitted the dose twice a week just took my second pin .
    I think everything is fine and this test is actually awesome it’s filled with more than 1ml in each ampule! Very thick texture too very hard to withdraw into the syringe.
    Big difference from my other vial of test “Thaiger” ugl liquid texture It’s like water lol
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    Started my cycle of 575mg test (bayer + thaiger) splitted (13 weeks) + 450mg deca (Alpha Pharma) splitted (11weeks) + 30mg Dbol for the first 4 weeks
    Wednesday night:
    300mg test
    225mg deca
    150ui hcg
    Sunday morning:
    275mg test
    225mg deca
    150ui hcg
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    Only way to tell if it's fake or bunk is to get bloods drawn.
    Labmax might work on the Dbol but you won't know the dosage.

    Honestly if you know what Dbol feels like you'll know if it's really or not by the first week.

    I don't see any reason to taper your Dbol up and down, your gunna have trouble adjusting your AI to it and I don't think there is any benefit. Also 5 weeks is a week too long for any methylated oral IMO.

    Next is your taking 2 19 nors and your cycling/pcting. Not very ideal for recovery.

    Last is if your gunna run deca you should maybe run your deca a little longer since it takes so long to see the effects, I've never taking deca so I should be giving advice on it but I think others would agree you should should run it a couple weeks longer.

    Edit: heat your vials up before drawing if your not already, it'll decrease the viscosity of the oil and allow it to draw a lot quicker and smoother.
    If your drawing from vials you can inject an ml of air into the vial for each ml you take out and that will help you draw faster too. Obvious with ampules it doesn't matter.

    Edit again: also you got a crazy V taper going on OP.
    No homo.
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    Can you keep me posted on your progress and give your opinion on dbols. I have got the exact same blue heart dbol as you excited to start them next week bud

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  7. dbol should be real- it's the cheapest compound. As for the Test- like other stated, only way is draw blood
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