Fake Racism

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    there is a growing number of fake biased attacks and the most obvious is that piece of garbage from Empire. the fake reports are particularly high in colleges and its time for these people to go to jail. To me, a fake bias crime is a hate crime because they are trying to inflict damage to another race ( whites).
    There was a very smart black woman talking to a college and she said the number one issue in the black community is not racism, not even close. She said the number one issues are the breakdown of the black family( out of wedlock births) and government dependency. In fact, there are quite a few black scholars that agree with her.
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    Ah yes.... the white race is under such intense oppression these days. I'm glad you were strong enough to stand up for them and give them a voice. You are basically the rosa parks of the internet and I'm just glad I was here to witness it.
  3. My new year's resolution this year is the same this year as it was 2 years ago: don't read the news.

    I can gladly say I have no idea what the fuck anyone is talking about at any given time and it feels great.
  4. This is all a ploy to keep you divided and distracted from the real problems.
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    Having white privilege thrown in my face is pretty fucking annoying.

    I'm a junky and a highschool dropout. I come from a super poor and fucked up home. I don't believe in handouts, and I work my ass off for everything I have.

    But I've only made anything of myself because I'm white.


    Couldn't possibly be because I don't waste my time fucking off all day trying to play at being a gangster. Walking all over town with my pants around my knees cause my broke ass can't afford a bus pass let alone a car.


    Just white privilege.
  6. Yea fuck that I avoid the news as well, it’s either propaganda, lies, manipulation or something depressing.
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  7. Michael Scally MD

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    OP is a troll. FYI ... There are many many more ...

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  8. I mean just because her roommate happened to be black doesn’t necessarily mean it was racially motivated. It could have just been some personal issue between roommates that can happen regardless of skin color. Pretty nasty tho, I mean if she was hot then it would of been well hot, just jk that’s gross lol

    I’m referring to the 2nd caption btw, the 1st one is just terrible, beyond the issues the falsely accused face that shit makes it that much harder for real rape victims to get justice
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    To me it's pretty simple: everyone just stay in your lane and live your life. Bad shit happens, sometimes it's racially motivated and sometimes it's not. Take it case by case. But locking everyone up when they have mixed feelings about racial issues and can't contain their language is retarded.

    The Jussie case is at an entirely different level and it's obviously being handled as it should be. To read the articles posted above disgust me and imo should have had bigger penalties, especially the fake rape story. Double standard?

    Readers digest version: people need to calm down and just live life. Have thicker skin and maybe, just maybe have a modicum of patience and forgiveness. Ffs...
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    It's become popular to be hated, that's all. The media, democrats and college campuses are all about hate these days. They are so eager to display it, they rarely bother to check the facts before making fools of themselves. Overall, just another witch hunt complete with useful idiot fabricators. Outside the domain of the hate industry nothing much has changed.

    Twenty-Two of the Most Recent Race Hoaxes
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    For example if you were black and poor you'd have been thrown in prison for a good long time for even minor crimes as the judicial system is stacked against people of color.
  12. LeoTC

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    I've got plenty of friends that grew up the same way. They're also white, and either in prison, have been in prison, or they cleaned their shit up.

    Granted they were all a bunch if wigger kids.


    The judicial system is stacked against fucking morons.

    Fact is, the courts are a pipeline to a privatized prison system. Because if they ain't full, someone's losing a lot of money.

    And because local politicians get to count inmates with no vote as part of their constituency, nobody does anything about it.

    Now if you wanna talk white privilege, let's talk 9-ball. Scratch and the ball goes right back to its original position on the table. Q-ball though? That little white fucker goes where it wants.

    That's some bullshit.
  13. MindlessWork

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    No no wasn't meaning any offense to you just an example. And yes I do agree that the poor and uneducated small time criminals are getting railroaded no matter if white or black. Totally fucked up to say the least.
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    Have to agree with Leo on this - the system is stacked against poor people, not just people of color. If you have money, like OJ or that little POS who swims but raped a girl, you get off. If you’re poor, no matter what color you are, you’re going down.

    But stupidity is stupidity. If you look like a menace and donstupid crap, you’re probably going to be looked at differently and judged differently. Case in point - my wife's crackhead cousin - white as white gets... keeps doing stupid crap and getting caught. Where is his white privilege?
  15. MindlessWork

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    Asserting white privilege to escape the consequences of breaking the law = cowardice
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    I totally understand the concept.

    But it's so overblown it's not even funny.

    Does anyone blow their shit and organize a protest when a chick uses sex to get what she wants?

    Does anyone flip out when a Jew takes a number of days off work to observe a religious holiday?

    When a black student gets that scholarship despite not being as qualified as another candidate due to affirmative action requirements?

    When a gay guy hides behind his sexuality to avoid corrective action in the workplace by threatening a discrimination suit?

    Everyone gets fucked in one way and takes advantage in another.

    That's life.

    Yeah, there are genuinely hateful and fucked up people out there. But the vast majority of shit that's talked about is just one group or another crying 'what about me?'

    Or more often than not a group feigning offense on behalf of another group that doesn't actually give a fuck. They just want headlines or are desperate to feel a part of something.

    But all the bluster and the show? Most of the time it accomplishes nothing.

    Suggest that these people run for office or do something that actually matters? They lose interest real fucking quick.
  17. MindlessWork

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    Then why worry? Time to hit the gym and smash weights when the world's weighty matters come down on you ;)
  18. LeoTC

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    I don't, it's usually am eye roll and on with my day.

    It's just so pervasive anymore its almost inescapable.

    Remember one night a chick I was fucking at the time got pissed because I took her to midget wrestling.

    All she did was bitch about it being exploitation, midget being a hateful word, etc.

    My buddy Dustin is 4'8.

    Call him a 'little' person and see what happens.

    Bitch was such a drag she wound up walking her ass home that night.
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    Not a constructive response
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    It's inherently stacked against the poor, the uneducated and/or the plain stupid - all factors that are over represented in inner cities and similar areas with high proportions of black people.

    (let's see who can't read the above without managing to conjure racism somewhere)