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Fake Racism

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Piney, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

  2. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Didn't he get accused of rape by 2 women? What happened to this story, it was on every news cycle in Cali for a couple weeks. Then all of a sudden nothing, then I just saw the thing about the first lady a couple days ago.
  3. Swiper

    Swiper Member

    he has a “D” after his name, so most of the media won’t give it much attention, same with the Governor.
  4. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    That politician with pres in front of his name allegedly raped a 14 year old girl at one of Jeffrey Epstein's parties. How often do you hear about that shit.
    Seems like rape allegations are easier to bury than racism allegations
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  5. Urgentfury12

    Urgentfury12 Member Supporter

    You a Russian :rolleyes:
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  6. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    wouldn't I be a little more Pro Trump if I was Russian?
    I'm anti rapist. Whether it is Trump, Bill Clinton, or anyone else.
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  7. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter

    You mean Bill? He seems to have ducked repercussions for his liberal (pun intended) use of the N word as well as his association with Epstein.
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  8. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    Donald and Bill were both pals with Jeffrey Epstein.
    Jeffrey was accused and convicted of child rape, Donald was accused of child rape .
    Bill was known to have been Buddy's with Epstein. Had flown on the Lolita Express private jet. Probably fuk some children too
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  9. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter

    The Dems have no problems eating their own, even in VA. Not sure what's going on, and I live here.
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  10. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    Even Epstein got off with a slap on the wrist. The judge that let him off is now one of Trump's cabinet members
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  11. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter

    Bill had some child accusers too, if I remember correctly. But his didn't recant on the flight to the televised interview she was to give like Donald's did.
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  12. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter

    No one ever called Trump stupid. Unhinged, maybe, but not stupid.
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  13. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    Love you brother. :)
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  14. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter

    The champions of (fake) hate and racist accusations. The SPLC once stood against the very things it now promotes. It will be interesting to see how far the media goes to protect them.

    "As it turns out, the SPLC is a cynical money-making scheme, according to a former staffer’s blistering tell-all, published this week in the New Yorker. The center’s chief goal is to bilk naive and wealthy donors who believe it's an earnest effort to combat bigotry.

    The only thing worse than a snarling partisan activist is a slimy conman who merely pretends to be one."

    SPLC Implodes: President And Legal Director Resign Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal
    by Tyler Durden
    Sat, 03/23/2019 - 10:10

    The Southern Poverty Law Center - the "vicious left-wing attack dog" used by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon to identify "hate groups" - is unraveling.

    A week after co-founder Morris Dees was ousted over sexual misconduct claims - with two dozen employees signing a letter of concern over "allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism," the head of the SPLC, Richard Cohen, as well as the organization's legal director, Rhonda Brownstein, resigned on Friday.

    Morris Dees, Richard Cohen, Rhonda Brownstein

    Cohen had been with the organization 33 years and was one of its most prominent figures.

    At 5:03 p.m. Friday, Cohen sent a message to staff, with the subject line “Stepping Down,” announcing that he, too, would be leaving the organization that he and Dees had turned into a research and fundraising juggernaut.

    “Whatever problems exist at the SPLC happened on my watch, so I take responsibility for them,” Cohen wrote, while asking the staff to avoid jumping to conclusions before the board completes an internal review of the Montgomery, Ala., organization’s work culture. -LA Times

    Earlier this week, the SPLC board of directors appointed Michelle Obama's former chief of staff, Tina Tchen - who, in an unrelated matter, unsuccessfully tried to pull strings and have the Jussie Smollett case transferred from the Chicago PD to the FBI. Tchen is heading up the inquiry into the sexual misconduct claims.

    Tina Tchen

    Also out on Friday was Rhonda Brownstein - who had worked with the organization for nearly three decades, according to the Montgomery Advertiser's Melissa Brown.

    Inside the SPLC "Scam"

    As the Washington Examiner's Beckett Adams writes, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a "scam," which has taken " no care whatsoever for the reputational and personal harm it causes by lumping Christians and anti-extremist activists with actual neo-Nazis."

    As it turns out, the SPLC is a cynical money-making scheme, according to a former staffer’s blistering tell-all, published this week in the New Yorker. The center’s chief goal is to bilk naive and wealthy donors who believe it's an earnest effort to combat bigotry.

    The only thing worse than a snarling partisan activist is a slimy conman who merely pretends to be one. -Washington Examiner

    "“Outside of work," recalls Bob Moser of his days working for the organization, "we spent a lot of time drinking and dishing in Montgomery bars and restaurants about … the hyperbolic fund-raising appeals, and the fact that, though the center claimed to be effective in fighting extremism, ‘hate’ always continued to be on the rise, more dangerous than ever, with each year’s report on hate groups. ‘The S.P.L.C.—making hate pay,’ we’d say."

    "t was hard, for many of us, not to feel like we’d become pawns in what was, in many respects, a highly profitable scam," added Moser.

    The way Moser tells it, the center’s chief founder, Morris Dees, who was dismissed unceremoniously last week for unspecified reasons, discovered early on that he could rake in boatloads of cash by convincing “gullible Northern liberals that his group is doing the hard work of fighting “hate.”

    But the center’s supposed mission of combating bigotry doesn’t actually matter to its top brass, Moser says. It’s just a business choice and one that has been extremely lucrative throughout the years. Moser’s article reminds readers of the time Dees actually said of the SPLC in an interview with then-Progressive magazine reporter John Egerton, “We just run our business like a business. Whether you’re selling cakes or causes, it’s all the same.” -Washington Examiner

    Moser claims that the SPLC's business model centers entirely around keeping its precious donors in constant fear using gimmicks such as "hate maps" and "hate lists."

    "[T]he center continues to take in far more than it spends. And it still tends to emphasize splashy cases that are sure to draw national attention,” he writes adding the group’s “central strategy” involves “taking on cases guaranteed to make headlines and inflame the far right while demonstrating to potential donors that the center has not only all the right enemies but also the grit and know-how to take them down."

    Moser adds there is an inescapable sense of “guilt” that comes with thinking about “the legions of donors who believed that their money was being used, faithfully and well, to do the Lord’s work in the heart of Dixie. We were part of the con, and we knew it.”

    Who knew you could make the big bucks simply by lumping Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ben Carson with actual, honest-to-God neo-Nazis? -Washington Examiner

    Right wing commentator and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes is currently suing the SPLC for labeling his right-wing fraternal organization, the Proud Boys, a hate group.


    The SPLC has gone from a noble institution genuinely dedicated to eradicating hate to a hate group in and of itself that pretends this country is frothing with bigots desperate to foment World War III," McInnes said in a press release.

    McInnes has raised nearly $200,000 out of a goal of $250,000 to continue his lawsuit. From his website

    I'm suing the SPLC. And it's not just because they destroyed my career and shattered my reputation. It's because they could do the same to you. Though this group is often cited as a credible source by the media, nobody who actually knows stuff takes them seriously.

    No, being called an extremist by the SPLC does NOT mean you're an extremist. No, being called a Hate Group by the SPLC does NOT make you a Hate Group. And no, being called a racist or an anti-Semite or an Islamophobe or a transphobe or a homophobe by the SPLC does NOT make you any of those things. -Gavin McInnes
    We wonder if there will even be an SPLC left to sue by the time it reaches a courtroom.
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  15. Urgentfury12

    Urgentfury12 Member Supporter

    The racism card has been played out, means nothing anymore. Let those leftist lunatics get sued into oblivion, not a big fan of Zionist shill McInnes but I hope he owns them.
  16. indyfitguy

    indyfitguy Member

    Candace Owens and I agree! She roasted the board during a hearing on Nationalist the other day. #askablackguy #Trump2020
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  17. master.on

    master.on Member

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Josie Smolet fake racist "attack".
  18. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    This whole discussion is from jussie
    Racism happens, fake shit happens too.
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  19. Jspd

    Jspd Member

    One guy lied about being attacked guys! That means no racism ever existed ever!
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  20. Jspd

    Jspd Member

    I suspect the Klan and the Nazi’s were also false flags planted by Jussie smollett