Fake Racism

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    My city has all of two public high schools, we have three middle schools, and half a dozen elementary schools.

    There is no real disparity from one to the next.

    It has nothing to do with lack of education or opportunity here. It all boils down to willful ignorance and poor life choices.

    Easier to buy into the glitz of the bullshit you see in music videos and shit.


    Most of the friends I've got under the age of 35 are just flat out fucking morons. Playing at being gangsters while they make peanuts selling fucking dime bags.

    Throwing second hand 22's on rusted out hoopties instead of paying their rent.

    Most I've known my entire life, and the majority didn't exactly grow up wanting for much.

    On the other hand, the older crowd I run with has been there and done that. Worked their asses off and EDUCATED themselves. You don't look them in the eye and see a vacancy.

    They got the fuck outta shit as soon as they were able.

    Sorry dude.

    But race has no bearing on how you carry yourself, what you make of yourself, or how you interact with the world at large. That's all on you.

    Stupid and lazy are colorblind.
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    Sure it does, in the mind and eyes of a libtard. It’s acting and dressing “white” which is unacceptable.
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    And seriously, lack of role models?

    I lived in a single parent home. Most if the men in my life were violent abusive drunks or junkies.

    My first job was delivering weed for my friend's older brother.

    I watched dude get stabbed ten feet in front of me when I was seven.

    Rarely went to school.

    I also taught myself to read and write prior to K-12 and started learning basic math and beyond on my own.

    I got myself off all the shit that I was using. No fucking rehab or help from anyone.

    I made the fucking choice because I wanted better.

    At a point personal accountability and choices needs to come into play.

    Blaming this, that, and the other for personal failings is a cop out. Whether your talking an individual or an entire demographic.
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    And being white is racist;)
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    Says it all right here.
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    Lol good one.
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    There have been few studies done with the rate of job callbacks on resumes. people with white sounding names are roughly 1.5 times more likely to get a callback than those with black sounding names.

    I've been to court a few times, been in jail twice... Ive got no doubt that being the well mannered white kid got me some extra leniency. 25% of black dudes end up in prison... this white guy got probation and time served.
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    I saw that article. Given the company I work for, I call BS on it. They go out of their way to hire “minorities” for the sake of looking diverse and not because of their qualifications. When you have people pronouncing the word “ask” as “ax” and have no professionalism about them and don’t have “white” names, you have yet another form of affirmative action. I don’t care what race you are, if they’re qualified, hire them regardless of race. If they’re unqualified or prove to be a detriment to the company, fire them regardless of race. But they don’t. They have people who get away with anything and won’t be fired for fear of legal hassles, even though my state is a fire at will state.
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    You work for the government? ;)
    The most racist organization in this country is the Military and it doesn’t come from Whites, Interpret that however you wish.
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    Crooked media? Libtard? Do the world a favor and sleep in the garage with your car running. Invite the kids for the sleepover if you have any.
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    My mistake
    Your personal experience is all that is needed to encompass the life experience of 350 million Americans... I'm not sure why I didn't just ask you first.
    My apologies there Mr. hardcore self starter. Won't happen again. Lmao.
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    Actually, why don’t you take your white guilt ridden ass and do the world a favor and off yourself? Fucking idiot. Or offer up your worthless head as part of the reparations that are being demanded. I’m sure it’ll look real good with the vagina hat you wear.
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    Good one. Drop another internet sound byte and then follow it up with I know you are but what am I.
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    You make the case for abortion appealing, even though I’m pro life.
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    We agree that Democrats are inherently racist then - as Dems are behind all the "life in the inner city reservation" policies.

    So you absolve inner city black people from their predicaments - kinda racist to assume that they can't pull themselves out of their miserable conditions on their own.

    The War on Drugs is such BS, what a disaster, and not just for blacks.

    I think we're on the same page Brutus, I've said it before, but you need to take off the colored glasses and see how govt (esp the agencies - the perpetually liberal govt core) keeps us all down. No need to play race cards when we're all in the same boat.
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    Who said I absolve them of predicaments? You read what I say with your own colored glasses. We are talking about white privilege. Your average white trash that takes offense fails to see that it is not saying that blacks are doomed to fail and whites have an easy ride- to use your own words they have a higher instance of miserable conditions to pull themselves out of and there is much interaction in daily life- personal and professional- that goes better if you are white. That's it. Anyone can pull themselves out of anything and I never heard anyone say different.

    Liberals and conservatives are cut from the same oppressive cloth. A class war is what we are in and race is the card being used for thousands of years to keep the many from rising up against the few. I don't feel the need to qualify my past or my experience but I have been around and I have seen some things- both at the lowest of the low and on the very wealthy end of the spectrum- and what I have learned is that my own experiences should not define the entire human spectrum of experience for me- and that is generally what triggers me in these discussions.

    As far as the war on drugs- whites were affected- but it was whites who propagated the flow of cocaine into inner cities, whites who man the judicial branches and lawmaking, whites who own the private prison systems that profit from all of it to this very day. Both sides of the aisle. Republican and Democrat make no difference- its fucking money. Always has been and always will be... but the fact that blacks have been at the receiving end of the majority of the short straw since the got chains slapped on them hundreds of years ago, through a civil war that saw them all locked up after being freed and through jim crow and into the current state of beneath the source exclusion and targeting (not making it impossible- just harder. No words in my mouth sparky) is what is being discussed.
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    fucksakes this 5th grade political dick measuring is so old. Some people here can't discuss basic concepts without throwing in ridiculous political generalizations. It's small minded and juvenile.
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    Totally missed the point.

    I suppose there's not much to do when all the lame 'talking' points fail you. Just keep parroting the same shit.

    Like one of the lame fucks I know that cites some bullshit study about will power being finite as an excuse for being a lazy piece of shit. At 30 mind you.

    Stop running around like some big shot calling ganster. Living at home with Mom and selling drugs for the equivalent of $2-3 an hour. Shits not cool.

    Read a fucking book, dress like an adult, and get a job.
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