Fake Racism

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    Many races and religions have attempted to prosper in America. Most do well, some others not so well.
    The Chinese were treated like slaves but still came here by the millions. They built our railroads and then moved on to become a powerful force in America.
    White sharecroppers were treated like slaves but still came here by the millions. They built up the south through blood and sweat and eventually became a powerful force in America.
    The Irish were treated like slaves but still came here by the millions. They built our infrastructure and eventually became a powerful force in America.
    The Mexicans are currently being treated like slaves but still come here by the millions. From what I have seen they are quite the entrepreneurs and are becoming a powerful force in America.

    Blacks from what I have seen are doing quite well in America as well. I am sitting less than 3 feet from a huge black man as I type this. He is a college graduate who played D1 football and went on to play in the NFL for a brief period. I hired him because of his talent, not because of his race. This man is a true salesman, charismatic would be an understatement. I have him 3 feet from me because I want him to learn the busisness from me and not some employee. This man could go big places one day.
    Many days we talk about race and it's interesting to hear his opinions on it. I'll leave the banter to the rest of you but from where I sit I think America is doing pretty good. Staying out of jail is pretty simple. Act polite and mature when interacting with authority figures, dont drive around with illegal things whether that is drugs or firearms.
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    I never thought I’d say this, but I’ll actually say I can agree with @brutus79 about the inherent racism toward blacks when it comes to LE and profiling in America. Sometimes it’s not always about obeying the law and being respectful toward LE - you get a racist who has a badge and lets the power get to his head. I know a black man who has done quite well as an attorney, then became Secretary of State and is now the auditor of the state. When he would drive to his hometown, it was almost always a guarantee that one of the smaller, mostly white city cops would pull him over, for seemingly no other reason than he was black. But anymore, it’s goes both ways. This country is the target of a planned race war, plain and simple.
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    I think that is the big difference. these people were often indentured servants and treated "like" slaves, but were not slaves. They were never sub human. they could eventually finish their contract and be free. their children were free. Certain groups of immigrants face more challenges than others, but only black people were considered no human.
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    Are we talking US only or worldwide?
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    Talking about America and the Caribbean.
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    That implies white privilege is actually a thing and not a catch phrase to push your agenda.
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    Aren’t we all used to people turning to sarcasm,jokes and rage to cover for their lack of facts?
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    Very true and a topic of conversation between us. He has been pulled over many times driving through the affluent neighborhood right next to our business. He was not speeding he's not driving erratically, he's simply pulled over for being black in an affluent neighborhood where very few of them live. Fortunately he is polite and is not carrying anything illegal on him so they let him go but I will certainly not disagree that blacks are more likely to be pulled over than whites.
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    I don't remember hearing about Irish or Chinese lynchings in history class though...

    I think it's fair to say the black community is doing better... Doing quite well? I don't think I could agree with that. Some are, for sure... As a whole? Room for improvement I would say.

    It's unusual to me that people are getting triggered by "fake racism" when, not that long ago, a black person could be accused of a petty crime, or no crime at all, and subsequently drug out of their home and tortured to death by a mob of white people in front of their kids. Even people that had clearly committed no crime were killed brutally... One woman spoke out about the lynching of her husband, she was drug from her house, tied upside down from a tree, set on fire, and while she was still alive, they cut her unborn child from the womb and stomped on it into the ground. They then shot her several hundred times.

    Really wasn't very long ago at all that this kind of thing happened... this kind of thing is way more offensive to me than a few fake racism stories in the news. But everyone seems up in arms about a few exceptions in the news.
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    If white privilege is real then that’s great I’m happy for y’all lol I have zero issues with white people or any race and I hope they are successful just like any other people. Some white people are amazing people, (a white man saved my life in the marines while sacrificing his own and I’ll never forget that) and some are assholes just like any other race. I truly feel for people that walk around with preconceived hate towards another based solely on their race. Life is too short for that nonsense. Let go of it and focus on happiness, success and family. Somebody on here called me white trash yesterday because I served lmfao ALRIGHTY!!... I’m black my family is from Jamaica and I greatly prefer to make my own path without any notion that I have a preconceived privilege and I believe white people feel the exact same and I understand why. Hardly anybody’s life is easy and hardly anybody escapes life’ trials and tribulations. Spread love brahs
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    Sheamus didn't raid Sean's village and sell into slavery. But you don't see too many looking to their African brothers for reparations.

    The Irish were exactly where Muslim's and Latinos are now.

    How many Irishmen were conscripted right off the boat without knowing what the fuck was going on?

    How many were murdered for the simple fact that they were Irish? How many Irish women were raped and brutalized because the prevailing attitude at the time was that they were 'The Problem.'

    Whether the deed was done by one person or a group of people is pretty irrelevant. Shit still happened.

    Though I'd be shocked if there were no lynchings as it was a fairly common form of 'meeting out justice' at the time.

    How many Chinese were massacred because, "They took our jobs?" Same boat as the Irish, and Latinos today.

    One of my best friends grand parents were corralled into internment camps during WWII. They aren't even fucking Japanese, they're Lao.

    Another's into an 'Indian' school, where they were systemically robbed of their culture.

    Pushed onto reservations and massacred for daring to do so much as speak against 'The Man.' Within the last fucking century.

    Be really easy to cry foul and blame Whitey for their failings. Plenty of lifers on the rez that do. Also just as many that get the fuck out and make something of themselves.

    We could get into the Romani as well. Who as a people are still treated as less than human, still routinely abused, etc.

    But the whole my dick is bigger because my people have it worse bullshit is getting old.

    Make something of yourself or don't. I don't give a fuck, but discount the work that I've put in simply because I'm white.

    That's a bitch move.

    I'm out.
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    Maybe you heard about the Jews in history class??... and yes Chinese and Irish were heavily discriminated against in the US during certain times.. as intense as black slavery.. no. But to dismiss any other races past tribulations is incorrect
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    I'm not sure what your point is with the Holocaust... It didn't occur in the US, has very little to do with our racial history.

    I didn't say that the Chinese and Irish weren't discriminated against. They certainly weren't killed by the thousands by mobs because of the color of their skin, that's not dismissing their struggles, it's just a fact.
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    Actually, one parting note.

    My Unc is a black man out of Harlem in the 60's. He's a multi-millionaire, he raised his boys to be respectful and hard working.

    They are.

    The number of times he's had Uncle Tom thrown in his face is mind blowing.

    Even by family that've gone fucking nowhere, as he tries to give them opportunity after opportunity to improve themselves and their situations.

    Instead of doing the work, they just want a piece.

    But shit like that, which has become more and more prevalent regardless of race, couldn't possibly be the issue.

    For the record, he has also offered me a lot of help. Ive turned him down repeatedly.

    Not because I don't appreciate it, but because I'd rather do the same and make my own way.
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    I wasn’t aware we were having a conversation on racism strictly in the US. Why would we be anyway? The thread title says “Fake racism” so I’m just speaking on racism in general all over the world. Do you think the holocaust doesn’t count to Jewish Americans because it happened in Germany? Not sure why the worst mass murdering of a race would not be relevant in this discussion.
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    Up until this point the thread has been devoted to news stories about fake racism in the US... I'm not sure how a genocide in Europe enters into the discussion but go for it. Let's throw Apartheid into the thread too while we're at it.
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    Racism isn't going anywhere. Unless ppl can talk without referring to a color such as "young black male, or overprivelaged white kid" racism isn't going anyplace.

    In terms of the fall of the traditional family and fatherhood, that shit is every place now. I mean, how often do you see families together anymore in ANY RACE?

    Even when families are together they're not together anymore. This didn't just start happening, it began with bitches from the baby boomer generation 100% FUCKED UP at being dad's, wives, leaders. Black or white, brown or rainbow....society is fucking up and the worst past is nobody realizes it because they've never had family values in their lives, they wouldn't recognize it if it smacked them in the face!!! Fuck all this black society versus white society nonsense.
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    Ok I guess we can just dismiss the whole world outside the US. Seems wise
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    Now throw the reverse racism in there with the SA whites being brutalized and losing their games and homes.
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