Fake Racism

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    More anecdotal, one off bullshit. The few people you have met In your life do not give you a sufficient palette to paint a whole race. I hope one day you fund that out.
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    The whole point you miss is that the simple message your post has here doesn't reach some people. Father dead or in prison, mother working four jobs or addicted to drugs and packed into low income housing courtesy of the arc of life that has been that of the african American. Surrounded by gangs and drugs with nobody giving this simple advice.

    For instance- You think mass incarceration isnt real? You think 40% of the prison population being black vs them being less than 15 percent of the actual population is coincidence? Either blacks are genetically inferior and predisposed to crime and poverty or they have been packed into poverty and targeted by law enforcement and the judicial system. It's one or the other- you have to explain TRIPLE the numbers somehow, no? NOBODY IS SAYING BLACK PEOPLE CAN'T OR DONT MAKE IT. the point is the deck is surely not in their favor... and this one matter of prison population is a glaring example.
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    Serious question here with no racist overtones intended... has Africa prospered on its own and is it working it’s way out of third world status? Is it still a struggling nation because of oppression against them? I’m honestly wondering your take. We see what the Dutch did to South Africa for centuries now and now that the white farmers are being killed or having their land taken from them, we are seeing the effects of removing the whites.
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    you have no daddy, little boy.
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    Not at at point did I say that my experience is the end all be all.

    Again, you're missing the point.

    Do I believe that any particular race is inherently superior to another?


    Do I believe that, as a group, perpetuating a a culture of violence, ignorance, and poverty by glorifying it is going to uplift anyone?

    Do I think that pointing to those that do make something of themselves, and accusing them of selling out as a means of rationalizing One's own shortcomings is acceptable?

    Negative Ghostrider.

    Low tide sinks all ships.

    Take that to mean what you will.
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    An overview of actual hate crime statistics, just for 2016:

    Incidents and Offenses

    Instead, this thread is focused on a few exceptions to the rule...
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    The only African country that has never been colonized is Ethiopia. All the other countries have been stipend of there resources, culture, and identify. Some of these countries are still paying taxes for being “free” from slavery. Leave up to the sleazy European nations actually make them pay a fucking tax to be free!

    This left all the African nation broke and in ruin. Then the world bank steps in and loans there countries loans at interest rates so high they already know that they will never be able to pay them back. This is how they control the African continent, the former slavenations of the West Indies. Not to mention central and South American countries as well.
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    This is entirely true.

    Sovereign in name only. Europe never let it's grip on these countries slip, and definitely not just African nations.
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    I wonder why excess sun irradiance usually* makes people dumber, lazier and violent.
    Most truly prosperous countries get relatively little sunlight.

    * But not always. No racism intended, just a scientific question.
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    I think the answer is pretty simple on an evolutionary level. People living in areas that were well connected to trade routes got to share resources and knowledge. Many of the areas off of the main european and asian continent remained hunter gatherers for a longer period of time. Not always the "sunny" areas, but just less traveled areas.

    These indigenous peoples enjoyed the hunter gatherer lifestyle for 1000s of years more than those on the main land mass. They were not exposed to the grains that come with a farming people... ie, more alcoholism and problems with eating grains.

    I would disagree with the dumber, more violent and lazy part. just slower to get technology
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    “The knitting community is reckoning with racism”

    The knitting community is reckoning with racism

    that is hilarious. the mental illness in this country is getting out of control. I wish these people would seek mental help asap.
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    Libya was doing well until that war monger cunt hillary and Obama wiped it off the map because Gadhafi wanted gold for his oil from Europe
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    Obama and Hillary’s Libya policy lead to a slave trade in Libya which is still alive and well. its unfortunate a half black mans policy led to slavery. shame on him.

    Humans for sale: The Libyan slave trade continues while militants kill and torture with impunity, the U.N. has said
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    More we see eye to eye on
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    crimes against society- drugs, prostitution or narcotics offense. How do you figure that would fall into a hate crime statistic?
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    Looked at table 2, it's the victim count. Should have figured. Duh
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    Here is an example of real racism

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    That's a good question.

    The methodology isn't quite clear to me with regard to this. I read all of the statistic table notes and didn't really find anything very conclusive. I would really need to see an example, which I didn't come across. They outline it multiple times but don't go into detail of the specific offenses. I would venture to guess that these are very specific incidents since they account for such a small part of the overall statistics. Less than 3% in 2016 and 2017, despite a significant rise in overall hate crimes in 2017.

    TLDR... I have no idea.
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    In all fairness, they set things in motion. But they're short term figure heads.

    They weren't the string pullers.

    Just a matter of time before Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea find themselves on the chopping block.

    Regardless of the meat puppet residing at good Ol'1600.
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