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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by carlosvaquez2001, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Okay fellas how are you all. First I want to see if any of you get your gear from an underground lab? Second there is this site that sells sydgroup, brovel, denkall, and tornell over the net. Big scam we all know that the labs aint making anymore for now. Alot of people think my gear is fake when I show it to them. The reason being is that it does look fake, but many people don't understand that if they look real now these days they are probably fake, you know (counterfit) if you are getting it from an underground lab that does not have a name trade colorful and pleasant labels then you automatically think it's fake. So again do any of you outhere get gear from an underground lab? In Mexico alot of these underground labs are really trying to make a name for themselves because they know that it's the perfect time to do so. Therefore if any of you go to mexico and you see name brand steroids and steroids that have simple typing on them, the real ones are the ones with the simple typing and the lab name in small prints.
    Give me some feedback
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    swelty Junior Member

    i buy and only use ug. the labels are simple but who cares. i guess if your buddies dont want it then so be it. tell them to go to walmart and buy it.
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    gixxerboy Junior Member

    Man that was hard to read.
    You can still get brovel gear. And I'm sure that there is legit denkall and syd group still around.

    The ugl i get my stuff from. Has colored labels holograms and boxes. Looks more professional then qv or denkall did.
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    MANWHORE Member

    I brew my own but when i was getting UG the labels were not any different than Pharm labels .. My friends thought i did get from a Pharm ... Many guys make labels for UG labs .. Some UG just don't care to spend the cash and if they are trusted then why should they .. Well unless their customers plan to resell which may bring more business to them .. I think alot of UG labs now have great labels .. If i were to go UG (if i were to source i mean) , i would take a different route as far as labels go but my main concern would be customer safety ... Quality and price goes without saying, of course
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    mr.nitro Member

    I do my own homebrew gear, but I label only so I know whats what. my labels suck, deffinitly not something that I would present to the public if I where to sell my gear.
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    forbodybuilders MESO-Rx Sponsor

    i always use inly human gear of british dragon that i got direct from BD and i know its 100% real..human gear got in my local pharmacy! ;)
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    novicebb Member

    I use only UG labs as well. My source has simple labels but the prices are affordable and it is great stuff. Everything I have I know is real because I have the strength gains and bloat to prove plus I am horny all the damn time. Trenbolone is really kicking in and I am only in my second week.
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    gladiator_75 Junior Member

    Hey everyone,

    How are you all doing ?? i know i am new here and maybe i will get funny answers for my question, but i will try.

    Simple question, i need to get gear and i am not sure where to get it from, i do not want to pay $400 - $500 for nothing or for fake gear. I was looking online and i found lots of these sites in Europe selling gear, but which of them is trusted !!?!?!

    I need help :eek:

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    SourceAna30 Junior Member

    I try to stay away from overseas stuff. It's easily counterfeited and there are, lots of times, problems with customs. I stick with UGLs to avoid all that, plus they're cheaper.
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    forbodybuilders MESO-Rx Sponsor

    get some human gear or BD gear..
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    davie86 Junior Member

    i have bought some stmg andranol i want to know how i can tell if they are fake. they dont have a hologram on the tub and they look dodgey. they are white pills with a line on one side is this what they look like?

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    alanshearer_9 Junior Member

    did u take the stmg anadrol with no hologram? howd it go?
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    dnflugel Junior Member

    How do you go about finding an UGL supplier? I can't really find an online supplier that I trust, so I'm trying to find an UG supplier. Thanks for any help I can get.
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    You have to learn about steroids before you find a supplier....if you haven't located a reliable supplier yet, it's because you don't know enough yet. Trust me.
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    NOD Junior Member

    , I test everything I buy before running it. Here are the results from my BD Primobol 100. While it is legit, it is underdosed by 13% so it is no human grade quality level as so many claim. Now I am going to have to find another place to sink an extra ml in every week so I can make up for the shortage. While I am happy that there is actually methenolone enanthate, the price was higher than what I paid for the Eurochemlab which was also underdosed but only at 90 mg/ml.

    Enjoy the report and let's see more guys out there part with the $100 and get these tests run. It is the only way we can keep these labs on there toes.

    curious to know what expiry date was and was it the new style tops you had tested. i know previous test had it overdosed, but it was old style.

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