Fantasy Football 2017

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Seven Dog, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Seven Dog

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    yea whenever on thursday fantasy football > life
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  3. jaymaximus

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  4. Seven Dog

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    Well a noon draft is not looking good. I apologize for waiting until the last minute.

    My Commissioner grade = F- :(
  5. System7

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    Yeah noon is a little early for me.
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  6. Seven Dog

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    A draft today is probably not gonna happen. If we draft sometime this weekend our season would start week 2.
  7. Morefyah

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  8. Seven Dog

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    The games this weekend wouldn't count for us since the NFL season really starts tonight.
  9. PaulHeyman

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    Time of death. It ain't happening this year
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  10. jaymaximus

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    Lets do it. We have a week. And now people will have an opportunity to lkow who's getting used how. Adds a new wrinkle. Lets set up the league and give the link out. We'll be able to get at least 8
  11. jaymaximus

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    RB from KC looks legit. I wouldve never picked him before tonight
  12. Rhynosaurus

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    Sorry bruv. Was out of country for draft, just got back from SE Asia.