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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Big_paul, Aug 21, 2016.

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    This piece of shit source has fucked the last member he will see on mesorx. This cocksucker has been sending shit gear out to members and has the audacity to ask us to pay to test his spluge. I hope no one on this board backs this fuck, because one way or another fartacom is finished here.

    Any member who leaves positive feedback or supports this piece of shit goes against all of meso and will be dealt with accordingly as a fucking whore or in kinder words a fucking shill. Shills die on Mesorx.
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    Did something else happen that I'm missing for you guys to be going all in like this, I mean besides Lucas Cotton ball NPP?
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    go to darius thread
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    GH purchased recently by @Achilles26

    proxy-2.jpg proxy-1-1.jpg
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    them fuckers are done here .
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    Fuck pharmaCON
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    Wow. I've missed everything leading up to it, but that shit is clearly growing some nasties.

    Apparently i have some catching up to do. No judgment yet, but that's clearly some nasty organic growth. I would be weary in the meantime. . .
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    I've never had a problem with PC but this looks bad.
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    There is a post on another board with test level of 873 using Pharmacom test e 300 at 500 mg per week. that seems very low. 873 on 500 per week. I am not a member but will post a link if it is ok to do so.
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    LUCABRATZI, the member with the DECA-P problem didn't order from our store (PharmacomStore) so I wasn't in charge with reimbursing his money for testing.
    I replied to that thread because I'm a Pharmacom official distributor since 2008 and I stand behind the products which I represent.

    Sir, you can continue with your attitude and your actions against us but please mention only real facts or actions.

    "has been sending shit gear out to members and has the audacity to ask us to pay to test his spluge"

    This is not true. Since 2014 we pay for all lab tests that our customers are willing to do and not only to SIMEC.
    Several members from MESO already took advantage of this, their tested products were reshipped and lab testing cost paid in cash or store credit.

    We accept for lab testing any laboratory you guys propose and we'll cover all the expenses. It has always been this way.

    From the same year of 2014 we're offering 100$ store credit for all bloods that are posted mid cycle on the boards.
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    I believed in them but chose to stop using them...I never said a word cause I didn't have bloods done and I knew that you can't make any claims one way or another without it...but I do know how I felt and that was basically like shit..I believed in them as many have but I personally won't use them again...is their gear good or bad??? I have nothing to prove one way or the other just know how I was feeling
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  16. Do it.

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    damn fucking labs dont care about us
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    and there fucking shills
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    I can't wait for cdnguy to see this...it will be fun to watch
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    Dude this is ridiculous. Look at the fucking GH vial for a second and tell me it hasn't been opened already. Why in the pictures is the person's fingers always covering up the top? Obviously it's been opened and tampered with one way or another, and appears to have been used. how do we know the person mixed it with the correct water? so you guys don't accept claims without evidence, unless of course the claim coincides with your biases? You think that's how shit should work @Big_paul ? Cause that's not how this works. Luca's came back with no infestation. The GH has not been sent yet and it didn't appear as though it will be, because the person who posted the picture originally knows it's from his doing, and this is stirring up commotion, obviously for nefarious reasons. You do not represent meso as a whole, so shut the fuck up and stop spamming. We will wait for results instead of acting a fool like you. if there is a real problem with bacteria in a vial, everything needs to be carefully considered before putting blame on the source. People like you make doing business difficult for any establishment because you're a loud, obnoxious idiot. You are not helping the situation at all. You're worse than my cousin's 3 yr daughter. Wait for actual evidence, and drop that piece of shit bias you have. YOU are doing a disservice to this board.