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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by pimpofny, Jul 9, 2004.

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    pimpofny Junior Member

    whats up with these fast acting roids such as nandrolone phenlypropionate ,fast acting EQ .

    it is lower dosed and frequent injections are a must i assume.

    are they better than long acting ,,,can they be combined

    is thia a fad or the real thing????
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    joe shmoe

    joe shmoe Junior Member

    the purpose is to have the fast acting drugs kick in quicker. you'll be seeing/feeling results in about a week or 2, not 3-5 weeks. yes, frequent injections are needed. also, the fast acting esters clear your system faster/sooner so that you can start recovery sooner.

    not a fad. some just like it.

    have a nice day
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    Latrell Spreewell

    Latrell Spreewell Junior Member

    Most of my cycles have contained fast acting steroids. I prefer this because you don`t have to wait around for 4-6 weeks for something to kick in. I haven`t tried the eq prop yet but it`s on the way so hopefully I will in about a week. I feel that fast acting roids give you much leaner, quality muscle which you maintain. The only downside is the frequent shots but you get used to them after awhile.

    Hope this helps.
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    UVX-Rx Junior Member

    The advantages of using faster esters is two fold:

    1. It is much easier to maintain optimum levels of the hormone throughout the blood with little guess work.

    2. When the cycle is over, within 2-3 days, it is truly over and you don't have to wait for 2-3 weeks for all the long chain esters to clear. This allows for a faster recover of the HPTA.

    Yes, the certainly be combined with the longer esters. Although, I would cease all long esters 2 weeks before the end of the cycle and finish up with all fast acting compounds.
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    moralanimal Junior Member

    For me the fast acting chains are just not practical for the duration of the time I am on. I like them as a front load or to come off as has been stated. I recently ran eq prop with test prop and by week 8 I would get nauseous when I looked at a pin. But I gotta tell ya that eq prop was some good stuff.
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    UVX-Rx Junior Member

    Very true, but if you like shorter cycles (5 weeks or less) like I do, short acting esters are far superior. The only way I will do a cycle over 5 weeks is if I am in contest prep.
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    eleven11 Member

    When you do short cycles like that (5-6wks) is your off time the same and does that include pct ?..............11
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    UVX-Rx Junior Member

    Time off is usually 2 to 2.5 months. I do PCT for 1 month after. I then get blood work done etc. If all is clear, I get ready for my next cycle.

    pm me for more details.

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