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  1. Notits

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    These things are the fucking greatest. Anyone else using them? uploadfromtaptalk1440215627767.jpg
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  2. kap73

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    Do they screw onto the media bottle?
  3. Notits

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    No, and they are a bit larger than the media bottles. Set the filter on top and add vacuum and it holds it on top tight.
  4. kap73

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    Oh yeh just like a whatman, i kinda dont like the whatmans cause of that reason i keep thinkn if the pressure drops the thing could fall off and lose my goodies. This one here would be better in that sense,

    How did u go getting every drop out of the beaker?

    And what carrier oil do you use?

  5. nophat

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    I tried these filters a while ago
    They can handle up to like 1000 ml
    Compared to the other filters.
    I'm totally into the glass set up
    Filter paper will cost you like 80$ for 100 disks
    They can withstand higher temp
    For filtering.
    To get the rest out off the filter save 10 ml of just oil to finishing
    Flushing out the filter just like you would the syringe filters.