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  1. LargeAngryMale

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    Help! I am not good at dieting. Pls see below and let me know if you have any suggestions/tips. I'm 300 pounds with a 30% bodyfat. Very strong but you can't see it. I am planning on eating between 100-150 carbs before 3 and then all protein after.

    8:00 am: Kashi cereal / granola/ oatmeal
    8:00 am - Protein shake with soy milk and two scoops of protein with vegetable powder
    11:00 am: Protein bar
    1:00 pm Salad with chicken breast, shrimp, eggs, and balsamic vinegar.
    3:00 pm Hippeas (chick peas snack with around 180 calories:
    3:00 pm clementime
    6:00 pm Jym preworkout
    6:30 pm lifting / 1 hour of cardio
    9:00 pm steak/chicken/fish with eggs with vegetables

    This is the general roadmap I put together. What do you guys think?
  2. Rockclimber

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    In general I try and stick to the 40-40-20 rule (protein-carb-fat) and like you I like to Center my carb intake around my workouts.

    How many calories per day are you consuming and what is your TDEE?
  3. LargeAngryMale

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    maybe 2000 or 2500 calories. all of those meals are small portions except for the salad which is huge.
  4. LargeAngryMale

    LargeAngryMale Junior Member

    TDEE is probably around 3200
  5. Rockclimber

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    So you are basically cutting the same way I am cutting, a thousand calories under maintenance. You will definitely find that you are losing 2 pounds a week on average.

    I also see that you, like me, lift in the evenings after work. This makes carb consumption a little more difficult because you can only load up pre-workout and not post workout. The good news is a protein shake or 12 oz of chicken breast post workout will be enough to fill you up all evening and through your sleep. I would say you are on the right track and just need a few months to see some results.
  6. showstoppa

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    Do you like eating like that? I ask because I would rather quit than eat that many times and meals that small. Have you looked into leangains style intermittent fasting?
  7. LargeAngryMale

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    I eat big meals but they’re usually egg whites or vegetables.

    Never heard of that diet. What are the basics of it?
  8. Gbro

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    Sounds painful
  9. LargeAngryMale

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    What do you recommend then for cutting?
  10. Gbro

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    Normal food. Just less of it.

    Full disclosure: I'm not one of the super ripped guys. I might not know why I'm talking about.
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  11. LargeAngryMale

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    The reason I'm 300 pounds isn't because of the quantity of food I eat but instead the quality. I normally crush pizza, burgers, fries, candy, ice cream and rarely touch anything green. So less normal food to me is probably a little different than you. :)
  12. Gbro

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    Fair enough. There has to be some happy balance between that and egg whites with broccoli. Impressive what you've accomplished so far.
  13. showstoppa

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    No you are 300 pounds because of quantity of calories. Has nothing to do with quality.

    Calories and protein are what matter, from there everything else make small differences.

    As far as intermittent fasting, look at leangains
    Essentially you fast 16 hours and eat all your meals in 8 hours.
  14. Eman

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    Subtract 500-600 calories from that number. Do not go 1000 under your TDEE. Weigh yourself once per week, same day in the AM on an empty stomach. Once you notice a stall, subtract a little bit more calories and continue.

    Shoot for 250gr of protein per day and just fill in the rest of your calories from whatever you want, but try and stay consistent to a certain extent. Stick with whole foods as much as possible, try to fit something like a small piece of chocolate or something you like into your macros every so often too. This kind of stuff sets you up for good habits over the long term.

    Best of luck.
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  15. SuperSwede

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    Count calories so you will know exact what your daily intake will be.
    There are a few apps out there that can help you, so you dont have to write it down or calculate by hand.
  16. SuperSwede

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    And of course weight your food
  17. Ironlyfe80

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    Big cuts are hard and counterproductive imo. I've done them myself with temporary success,but eventually go back up in weight. Now when I cut I keep calories around maintenance (so I don't starve) and increase my work volume. When you're in a huge deficit, strength and energy plummets and makes everything miserable. Hiit should be your best friend along with heavy weights.
  18. Btcowboy

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    I know what’s ahead of you as I went from 320 lbs down to 187 a couple weeks back, my BF by skin fold was 13.7%. It’s all about commitment and sticking to it.

    I was extremely sedentary back then so eased into it. Weighed everything, was eating 1500 cals a day, and just walking 3 miles plus a day and double that on weekends. Once I got to about 250 I started lifting again and keeping up with the cardio. I lost 133lbs and a huge % of BF in just under 2 years.

    My food these days are boring to most but I like it and eat for my activities for the day.

    5am, 5oz ground turkey and a cup cooked yams
    8am, 5 oz ground turkey, a cup of quinoa and 2 cups of salad with my homemade dressing
    11am, same as 5 am but with the salad again
    2pm same as 8am,
    2 scoops protein powder
    6 pm same 11am

    2300-2500 cals

    Every single day, except may have 1 refeed treat meal depends

    Depending in my activity/goals I alter my carbs/cals up or down.
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