Fatloss drugs for females

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  1. nervje

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    I have literally no experience with females and drugs, but my girlfriend wants some help with fatburning.

    I dont want to give her some DNP and also no stuff like clen.
    She got herself some ephedrine but i doubt its going to help much fatburning-wise, so any (safe) alternatives?

    She needs to take antihistamines btw because she is allergic to this or some shit so im extra cautious and i dont know whats allowed to take there, but i also dont want to be the asshole that runs shit like dnp and forbid her any chemical if you get where im coming from
  2. roastdawg

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    Maybe gh or albuterol. Not a lot of options when it comes to burning fat unfortunately.
  3. Ephedrine seems to work well in females.

    Synephrine HCL is another alternative to commonly used stimulants that works extremely well (especially if stacked with EGCG).

    Yohimbine seems to also work very well in females.

    EGCG (green tea extract) is a safe option for many you can add to a fat burn stack.

    GH for fat burn does not seem to work very well in females, they tend to need a higher dose than men to the point it's not even worth it, and this is assuming a pharma product. I've heard anecdotes of females taking 2-4iu Serostim and not noticing much of anything, whereas a male would notice excellent fat burn at that dose.

    A legally available stimulant with the right supporting supplements can work very well with good diet and training to help with appetite suppression or the other small things a stimulant can benefit towards fat burn.
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  4. nervje

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    How dangerous would ephedrine be?
    I guess its heavy on the heart since, as far as i know, it boosts heartrate (like a shitton of coffee would)?
  5. I don’t think we can really quantify how bad something is on the heart that is so commonly used. Stimulants aren’t great for you, the idea is to limit their use in dosage and duration. The biggest danger outside of long term abuse with stimulants is in the short term - someone taking too much and HR is too high and not coming down.

    Some people can’t tolerate them in any quantity, like yours truly. Luckily being a male I can get a lot out of 2iu’s of GH and green tea extract :)
  6. rpbb

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    usually here about them using clen
  7. Eman

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    The heart rate boost from ephedrine is actually pretty minor. Blood pressure may increase slightly but it's been shown to actually been reduced after 8-12wks, possibly because of weight loss.

    The bigger issues present when combined with other compounds like caffeine.
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  8. Iron Frenchie

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    My old ex did a ECA stack right before summer and always had great results.
  9. Savagesteve

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    Not to try to hijack the thread but is anyone familiar with how much easier albuterol is on the body compared to say phentermine? My wife has been on/off phentermine for some time and she usually has a high tolerance for stimulants. Would dropping the phentermine and starting low dose albuterol potentially be more beneficial?
  10. T-Bagger

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    I’m not sure of any real correlation between Phentermine and Albuterol. Phentermine is mainly an appetite suppressant, whereas Albuterol will actually help with fat loss and maintaining muscle. Phentermine helped me stay awake steadily through the day, but Albuterol wired me instantly. Not sure if that will help you bro, TIFWIW.
  11. Savagesteve

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    Thanks man that’s pretty much what I was looking for. I got a ton of free albuterol with an order and I don’t need it right now as I’m running gh so I was trying to help her out some.
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  12. T-Bagger

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    Albuterol is similar to clen in the sense of her needing to up the dosage as well as taking a two week break to reset her body.
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  13. Savagesteve

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    Doesn’t benedryl help that? I k ow ketotifen does if I remember correctly but I thought I seen something on benedryl as well.
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  14. T-Bagger

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    I’ve read that but never practiced it, so she’s definitely more than welcome to try it. I like that albuterol isn’t hard on the heart like clen and that is preserves muscle loss.
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  16. nervje

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    True that, but the thing is she ordered epinephrine by herself and all that stuff and told me shes gonna take it.

    I dont know much about drugs for females and dont feel fine with her taking any sort of ped, but id rather have her being open to me about it and me helping her keep damage small so to speak.

    Ive been wreckless when it comes to myself, but id never do something like that to someone else
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  17. Ger_1997

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    Do you have a eph source in the eu?
  18. nervje

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    Im gonna ask her where she got it from
  19. Savagesteve

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    There’s a lot of sources in the Eu....look in the underground section
  20. maxmuscle01

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    25mg ephedrine/200mg caffeine/325mg aspirin.
    That combo has been used for fat burning for 30 years and works phenomenal. Always check with your physician first(obviously). Usually 2x per day and never dose after 3pm. Ephedrine is very safe if you don’t have heart problems or a family history. Thousands of papers have been previously done and deemed it safe before the war on methamphetamine manufacturing. Let’s be clear ephedrine and ephedra are not speed. It unfortunate that it is used to make a horrible drug. The natural version of ma-huang(standardized to 25mg ephedrine alkaloids) combined with caffeine and/or guarana and aspirin (white willow bark) was an incredible fat burner and yielded major weight loss. It was used in Ripped Fuel/ Xenadrine/Hydroxycut/Metabolife/ and many more. Once the government FDA ban happened, all the formulas changed and became ineffective. To this day you can make your own E/C/A stack and try for yourself . It works
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