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  1. picholas

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    I used to work in bar and we had this one Cuban cook. On Saturday and Sunday we would do something called family meal where the cook that was working would make a big meal to feed all the employees.

    He would make this dish called Ropa Vieja -- it's Spanish, don't translate it, doesn't sound appealing in English.

    Anyway it quickly became a favorite dish of mine. Pretty much just protein, a little bit of veggies, tomato sauce/paste, and seasoning.

    Here is the recipe I follow:
    I swap out the white vinegar for apple cider, I use 5 cloves of garlic instead of 4, and I prefer red bell peppers rather than green as they are sweeter.
  2. Dw725

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    As lame as it sounds , my thing lately has been steak, rice, and fried eggs.

    Steak seasoned in onion, garlic, black pepper, and a little worcestershire sauce .

    Plain jasmine rice,
    And eggs friend with a little black pepper.

    Chop it all together, add a little beef broth, and some teriyaki sauce.
    I could eat it probably twice a day.

    Plain, simple, effective .

    Sometimes I'll have some raw broccoli and carrots on the side.
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  3. NorthMich

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    Cuban Ropa Vieja Recipe

    Nice recipe! Lots of tomato. I have all those ingredients. I just made a bunch of sauce from my garden. Also have tomato paste I made.

  4. picholas

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    You can swap out half the sauce for fresh tomatoes if you want, it's really delicious. Best part is it used chuck roast or flank steak. Super cheap cut of meat.

    I've been a big fan of marinating my steak lately. And boy do I miss jasmine rice.

    Only carbs I eat currently are:
    Mixed berries

    And occasional sugar from G2 or ketchup.
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  5. NorthMich

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    It's weird. I just made the sauce yesterday, and I just took out a flank and chuck out of the freezer this early AM. Then this recipe came along.

    I'm thinking I should be making this
  6. picholas

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    It's a sign from the beef LOL, give it a go and let me know what you think.
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  7. Brandaddy

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    That's basically what I eat a few times a day. Ground sirloin, rice, and a couple eggs all mashed together. Easy to make and sits pretty good in the stomach
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  8. Dw725

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    Exactly, gives me no bloating and.i can eat easily again when I'm supposed to, which is crucial for building strength/size .
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  9. Dw725

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    First serving. Always end up going back for more steak, love a good fatty ribeye
  10. Brandaddy

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    Well yours looks a lot more appetizing than my cat food in Tupperware special

  11. Dw725

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    Haha don't worry I just hadnt given mine a good mashup yet
  12. picholas

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    I do pretty much the same thing, but I like sirloin more or NY strip. Also eggs over easy, like the yolk on my eggs and rice lol.

    ....man I miss rice :(
  13. Dw725

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    I love sirloin and strip as well, don't get me wrong...

    But I'm enjoying the high fat and carbs with Ribeyes and rice, letting my body do wtf ever it wanted most of this year, without eating like total shit of course.
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  14. MindlessWork

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    For me carrots rice and fish been my dinner staple. Snacks been oat bars with peanut butter and flavored water to drink.
  15. picholas

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    I go for Prime Rib when I want fat, some au jus sauce, horseradish, garlic mashed potatoes with some skin still in there, and asparagus....

    ....I need a minute
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  16. Dw725

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    Love prime rib with a horseradish sauce.

    And if you ever completely de-skin my potatoes for anything I'll kick some ass.. I waste nothing...
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  17. barneys

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    Barbeque chicken and rice or mashed potatoes usually.
  18. NorthMich

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    Cuban Ropa Vieja begins
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  19. Eman

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    Ice cream.

    That's a "meal", right?

    Okay, cheeseburger(s). That's definitely a meal...

    Ice cream for dessert.

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    383DF422-8368-4C48-A84A-4699D6DFD9F4.jpeg Meat is done browning