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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Hatredevil, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Hatredevil

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    What’s your favorite pieces of equipment that you use or have used. Luckily I go to a gym that was designed for people who wanted be competitive on bb, pl, or sm. So there’s hundreds of very unique pieces and bars. There’s also a monolift. I’ll have to say my 2 favorite pieces to use are the belt squat and the reverse hyper.
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  2. Villain

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    My gym has a lying squat machine which I’ve really come to enjoy because real squats are a no go for me. I also enjoy the lat pull down machine since I find my arms and hands doing most of the work on a lat pull down and this eliminates me utilizing hands and arms.
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  3. Hatredevil

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    Have you tried one of the older cybex lat pulldowns? The way it’s designed takes most of the bicep out of the movement and it arches down in such a way that it really targets the lats. Most those older cybex and nautilus machines are like nothing else.
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  4. Villain

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    I can’t say I have. You wouldn’t happen to have a pic of one would you? Sounds like a great machine for sure.
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  5. Hatredevil

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    I’ll snag one at the gym tomorrow and post it up.
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    Nice! Appreciate it man. Based on your description, I’d venture to say mine doesn’t have one. They have all the cable setups for “real” pull downs and the one machine. I’d seen it sitting there for a while and people were using it for triceps :rolleyes: and it wasn’t until someone mentioned it elsewhere that I realized I had that gem at my gym lol.
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  7. Barny

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    Really enjoyed using the hack squat machine at my gym when I couldn't squat (was recovering from a herniated L2 and L5), thought it was a decent bit of kit.
  8. Test_Subject

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    Pullover machine. I love that thing.
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  9. Casca

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    Between a barbell and a chinup bar

    The Green Machine
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  10. Demondosage

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    Lately it's been a modified calf raise on a lying leg curl. So I sit at the edge if the bench and out the roller pad over my quad/knee area. I stack 2, 45 lb plates on each other on the floor and put my toes on them. I slide my quads under the pad for lower legs on a lying hamstring curl and I do seated calf raises on a lying leg curl machine. Sort of something I made up (at least I think I did but someone else has probably figured it out also) NOW, here is the difference for me....

    Although this is a pin loaded machine that maxes out about 180 lbs and feels easy enough, the motion on the machine is up and back towards you, not up and away. It's honestly a really different feel in my calves and I can really crunch them and squeeze them at the top. Most sets are 50-80 reps/set and I limp for a few seconds as I crawl off it. Usually 3 sets of 50-80 reps with the stack is what I'll do on seated calf raises. This angle/motion created an extreme mind muscle connection for me and feels so natural compared to other seated calf raise machines. I wish I could stack more weight on it though, but even the 180 x insanely high reps has made the calves explode!!! I tend to like anything that feels like the best mind muscle connection and natural plane of motion. Some machines just feel more set up for the way your body is designed/limb length etc.

    Also, lately I've gotten a lot more into hoist equipment. The hoist pivot machines create an insane mind/muscle connection and pivot in a natural plane of motion and really keep the tension on the muscles and not the joints. I joined a specific gym just for that line of equipment. The seated cable bicep curl with pivot seatback fucking insane. I know many ppl think hoist is too light of a workload, old man type equipment but it works great for me!!!
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  11. Konrev

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    Flame Sport's Chest supported T-Bar row with seating pad is nothing but awesome. The old Gym80 plate loaded Chest Press Machine is really weird for me doing the exercise feels super awkward and uncomfortable but after im done I have the best pump and feeling in my chest ever.
  12. EazyE

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    Hammer plate load incline press, Hammer plate load high row, Atlantis plate load pivot leg press, Atlantis plate load vertical leg press, Life Fitness plate load preacher curl. I love those pieces of equipment. The Hammer incline lets me set up to keep my shoulders out of the movement as much as possible. The high row hits the Lats in a very unique plane and range. You can work it one arm at a time too to really hit the lats.
  13. koolio

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    Just a plain old preacher bench for curls
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  14. I love my trap bar, my safety squat bar, and this Viking press landmine attachment I bought years ago. With that attachment, I can do hack squats, clean and presses, rows, deads. It was the best investment I’ve made in my gym.
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