Feeling sick on HGH

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    Looking to see if anyone else has this side effect from HGH. So it’s my first run of HGH around 9days after this has started had it for the past 3-4 days and never though anything off it until today and realising Its not really getting any better or not like a sickness I have had before. Am also using t3 at 100mg per day I don’t know if this mixed with the GH is causing this but using t3 before have never had this issue only now with the GH. I feel hungry like I want food but the though of food makes me feel sick seeing food makes me feel ever more sick and attempting to eat it is making me gag. Any ideas or thoughts on it? Miby drop the t3 as mixing it isn’t working for me or just play it out for a few more days and see if it goes Away? Also am now currently running 4 IU daily 2iu upon waking 2iu before going to bed using greytops reconstituted at 10iu per vial
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    Have you ever taken t3 before?

    100mcg is a high dose... I would definitely drop that.
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    Ye I have ran it before okay and not had this problem and I started this cycle as normal 50mcg then 75mcg then 100mcg per day and been running it for around 2 weeks prior to the first HGH injection and was going fine I’ll try dropping it down to 75mg then and see how that goes heading to my bed just now feeling shitty as hell right now.
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    Is your t3 pharma or UGL? T3 is dosed in mcgs so the slightest variable can effect it's actual dosage so a UGL's t3 could very well be over dosed which could absolutely cause an issue.

    It could be the GH's effects on your blood sugar combined with the high dose t3 causing the issue.

    I'm just going to add my opinion, unless your deep into contest prep and down to low single digit bodyfat levels (5% or less) and pushing lower there is no reason for you to be running that high of a t3 dose especially after only a few weeks.

    Show prep or a solid cut protocol takes 12-20 weeks to get into low single digit bf levels for a reason. Anyone (coach or otherwise) that has you adding 100mcgs of t3 after a few weeks without exploring all the other routes to stripping off bf is going to hurt you and is using a lazy approach that will absolutely have a rebound effect that could put you in the hospital.
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    Appreciate the feedback man. It’s pharmagrade am running. Cut it down to 75mcg or cut it out completely then do you think? It could be something to do with blood sugar when dieting down hard sometimes I become very shakey and sweaty and feel very sick and as soon as i eat some Shitty sugary food or drink it clears almost instantly. I have been checked for diabetes my doctor said but said she doesn’t think that’s what’s causing it as it came back okay.
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    You've done the right thing backing off the t3 some. I'd recommend to start monitoring your blood sugar also (especially when feeling bad) to see where it is. I'd almost guarantee that what you're experiencing is tied to blood sugar issues that are being created by your protocol.

    I can tell you from personal experience that low blood sugar from low carbs and the combo of prep PEDS will absolutely make you feel like ass. Hell, I've felt the same after increasing my pre wo insulin a little too much in the off season. Feels like total death.
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    Everything that you are describing sounds like hypoglycemia. I think most of us have been in the same situation as you and the advice given in this thread is spot-on.
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    I agree as stated above. Sounds pretty similar to how i feel when i go hypo
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    Ya that's hypoglycemia for sure. I have a friend who's a big guy and he can't do fasted cardio cause he'll pass out.

    Story time. Lol
    Got a friend who's a monster. Get do legs one day and he didn't bring his typical Gatorade/special concoction with him and we had to leave early due to his tiredness. So he's driving and I'm having to ask if he's okay. As we get to his front door he starts missing the key whole. Just then his roommate opens the door and my buddy just falls flat on his face. I don't how he didn't get hurt. I laughed my ass off.

    When I take my "specific things" before fasted cardio I feel the same way. My blood sugar is dropping in a fasted state but takes a little bit for my body to bring it up. I can't begin to tell you the mental fight I have to put up to do fasted cardio. I'm tired, shaking, clammy, my heart is racing and I hang in there till about 10-15mins into cardio I feel fine.
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    Im also hypoglycemic but i have never gotten sickened by food, quite the opposite, when i have an attack i CRAVE fruit, might eat 2-3 oranges or mangoes but i never feel what you described.
    I break out in a mad sweat, breathing becomes labored i get shaky,weak and feel like im gonna pass out.
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    When I get hypoglycemic it's typically on the weekend in the morning after my gh shot. My body starts craving toasted white bread... the eggs and bacon normally go with it? Not so much just lots of white bread LOL I definitely see where you're coming from where you look at a bunch of eggs and think "fuck no I'm not going to eat that, that looks terrible" the white bread oh hell yeah bring it.... and literally a few minutes later you feel amazing. I've never pinned insulin but I can imagine how horrible the hypoglycemia feeling could be... it must be out of this world.
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    Appreciate all the advice and posts but today I have taken off work as I got next to no sleep last night it got slightly worse. As for the hypo or blood sugar I can’t see being that tbh as when I do that it is like what @Mr.B66 said feel like am dieying dizzy sick sweaty sore head but as soon as I get some shit and sugar in me within 5mins I feel good again. But this sickness is constant like 24/7 nothing like I have experienced before making me then think it’s drug related. Normal sickness you can feel sick for a while then puke and feel fine and then it can come back and you can be sick or feel sick but this isn’t like that. It’s constant it doesn’t go away for even 5mins I can constantly feel the sickness in my tummy. And because of that I couldn’t sleep kept tossing and turning all night it’s not even that strong of a sickness am feeling it’s more because of the fact I know it’s there and feeling it constantly and the annoyance of it ismaking it hard for me to sleep. Haven’t taken any HGH or t3 today going to wait 2 more days and go back on the HGH and leave the t3 out to see if it’s that with the GH combo. I can still feel it constantly but as from the last hour it’s not as bad. So hopefully will be gone by tonight .
  13. Demondosage

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    It's the GH, not the t3. I'm guessing you probably started at 4iu a day or higher correct?

    I always try to warn guys about this and they look at me like Im from Mars. HGH levels take time to adjust to. You don't want to just start off with 4-6iu of HGH a day. You want to use 2iu a day for a few weeks, then 3iu a day for a few more weeks, it might take a good 6-8 weeks to properly adjust to a dosage of 4-6 units per day. Everything you do with HGH is based on what you did the week prior. I've been sicker than a dog on HGH before, I'm talking about an appetite so knocked down I couldn't eat half a banana, then I experienced the projectile vomiting and a feeling of having the flu x10. And you know what sucks abt that? There is NOTHING you can do besides wait out the storm.
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    DIE KRAFT Member

    I will suggest to get a glucometer to check your blood sugar periodically.
    Try to stay ahead of your issue. I know the feeling all too well.
    And when you get that feeling you just eat stuff that will not help your diet agenda. Like taking one step forward then two steps backward.
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  15. Eman

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    How do you know you didn't just have the flu? Or food poisoning?

    Building up GH dose is pretty common knowledge, but not because it gives you flu symptom side effects... That would have to be extremely uncommon.
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  16. Demondosage

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    Nah, it was definitely the HGH. I've had several friends experience the same thing, extreme sickness from levels rising too rapidly in the body. Also nausea, bloating, extreme gas and burping, all very common sides when you build those levels up too quick.
  17. Eman

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    Not saying it doesn't or can't happen... It's def not common though
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    While I know some B.B. run Thx
    to aid cutting there’s no reason for the OP to run Thyroxine unless he has been DXD w hypothyroidism by a HCP.
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  19. Demondosage

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    100% incorrect, the t3 acts to counteract hypothyroidism while running HGH. Is it necessary on just a cpl units a day? No, however once a legit 4iu or more is ran for a decent length of time it becomes almost a necessity to function properly.
  20. Demondosage

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    Jim, I'm not trying to discredit your knowledge on most topics, but I'd have to strongly disagree here on the addition of t3 with an HGH run if he uses more than 2 iu per day for a decent length of time.

    This is like saying it's not necessary to give insulin to a patient on a strong corticosteroid regimen, its pretty much a necessity in that scenario. The suppressed thyroid function on prolonged HGH usage or a higher amount is no different than this example. These bodybuilders nowadays aren't using high amounts of HGH and functioning normally without the addition of T3 and/or insulin, that's a fact