feeling terrible after 1st testosterone shot

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    Mydadsacop123 Junior Member

    Well, recently this endocrinologist I've been seeing has decided to put me on testosterone shots. He gave me one almost a week ago and I FEEL TERRIBLE. I barely have the energy to get out of bed. I already was tired all the time but now I have almost zero energy and I am feeling extremely depressed. I started feeling bad 2 days after i got the shot and its been getting worse. I went to his office today and he saw me for a second and just said "continue with the treatment." I tried telling him how bad i felt but he wouldnt listen. I (myself) am going to get some more blood work done to see whats happening. Im done with this doctor. Is this a usual reaction to the shots? I plan to just go see Dr. John soon, but for now I was hoping for some feedback. My testosterone has averaged about 300-450 but now I feel like its lower, is this possible? This weakness/ depression is the worst Ive ever experienced.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Have you posted the lab data that got you to this point?

    If so, where?

    If not, post.
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    Mydadsacop123 Junior Member

    testosterone, Serum 469 ng/dL 241-827(reference range)
    Testosterone,Free 11.82 ng/dL 5.00-21.00
    % Free Testosterone 2.52 % 1.50-4.20
    Dihydrotestosterone 43 ng/dL 30 - 85
    LH 2.0 mIU/mL 1.5-9.3
    FSH 5.2 mIU/mL 1.4-18.1
    Insulin-Like Growth Factor I 347 H ng/mL 81-225
    DHEA-Sulfate 294 ug/dL 70-310
    prolactin 12.4 ng/mL 4.0-15.2
    Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 23 nmol/L 13-71

    2nd test:
    TSH 3.090 uIU/mL 0.450-4.500
    Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum 3.9 pg/mL 2.0-4.4
    T4,Free(Direct) 1.54 ng/dL 0.82-1.77
    Testosterone, Serum 467 ng/dL 280-800
    Testosterone,Free 14.85 ng/dL 5.00-21.00
    % Free Testosterone 3.18 % 1.50-4.20
    Insulin, Free 2.7 uIU/mL 0.0-22.0
    Insulin, Total 5.2 uIU/mL 0.0-22.0
    LH 3.9 mIU/mL 1.7-8.6
    FSH 6.8 mIU/mL 1.5-12.4
    Estradiol, Sensitive 6 pg/mL 3-70
    Vitamin B12 616 pg/mL 211-911
    Progesterone 0.4 ng/mL 0.2-1.4

    my 3rd test although I dont have it testosterone was around 350
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    BBC3 Member

    Either you have not posted complete data. Or SOMEONE MAY BE AN ASSHOLE IDIOT......

    Where's the TSH from the first test.?? Where's the prolactin from the second??? etc.....? If you want the opportunity to get some of the good help these guys can offer, either POST ALL THE NUMBERS from each test. OR GET A NEW ENDO if this is all ya got.

    I sit back here reeling in astonishment. WHY ON EARTH WOULD A DOC TEST FOR SOME OF THESE NUMBERS ON ONE OCCASION, FIND SOMETHING WRONG, AND THEN NEGLECT TO TEST THE SAME ONES AGAIN.??? I am hoping that your 3rd test results are inclusive of everything?? Copy all your tests. Cut off the top and bottom containing any identifying data. And post them as PDF attachments.

    This is a case where it would appear that testosterone is only a symptom of your problem elsewhere. I am no doc, but those test results for testosterone are not all that bad. Were the test done in the morning? I am hoping the doc tested everything on the 3rd test to GET AN ACCURATE SNAPSHOT. If he did not, this is a perfect example of how a doc is so traumatized by BC/BS, that they can no longer see the forrest because he has one big ugly tree in his face... Even if he is simply fishing early on to determine a little more accurately where to look, there is no excuse for neglecting to only expound on the first tested group. I dont give a shit if some point to the other. This is the .... You know what.... Its too early to rant... Get all your tests uploaded and come back.... Just hope he got em all on the last test....

    He is using a combination of a "process of incrimination" approach, combined with a "I know it all, and shoot from the hip as well", thus creating a hybrid analysis wielded by masters, and yet fundmentally unsound. It appears that he is attempting to zero in on a suspect pituitary. However, his early on application of exogenous T would indicate either ignorance, or risky trial and error approach.. Prolactin could definitely account for any fellings of weakness, depression, or lethargy. This could be a result of an ugly symphony developing with the conductor yet unknown. Your high IGF-I may be the driving force behind the elevated prolactin, with TSH being a definite player yet to be determed chicken or egg style. I am wondering if tumor could be suspected here, however, not enough "unusuals" at once to sound alarms. Hence why not get all results every time. Too much ruling out process to justify T administration here, yet. third labs must be all inclusive. Wheres you Blood counts? DONT LISTEN TO MY BIG MOUTH AS I AM A ROUGE AMATEUR ON A MISSION. DO GET ALL you labs as you are blessed to have Scally interested in your labs..... In the meantime, search for the "steroid tree" here at this site and learn how the body processes hormones. Then reasearch each one further to find out what the make and mean. Its your body. Would you give your car any more care on a Saturday afternoon with the sponge and ArmourAll?? You are on the right track. SAVE EVERY THING TO SCAN FOR LONG TERM REFERENCE. I wish you the best on this quest. FYI, Re-post your age as well with the next post (where you should have all your labs), as these guys dont follow every post here. You have Scally's attention, now give him all your stats as well. Age, prior problems, steroid use?, unusual diet, exercise habits, BRIEF but inclusive.

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    BBC3 Member

    Also when posting your "stats", be sure to indicate any and all drugs you are taking, or were taking at time of blood work, including how long /each/ are/ when/ applied. There are dugs out there such as Seroquel (anti-psychotic / bipolar medication) for example, that will cause some of these symptoms and bloodwork results. Don't be shy, these clinical bastards dont judge, they evaluate....;) To get ture answers and resolutions to your problems, you must first be able to (you/yourself) acknowledge the given situation accurately..... By embracing the dark, you are only justifying why others might think you need to stay there......:)
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    Mydadsacop123 Junior Member

    yes those are all the tests I ordered those myself. I take prozac and I take remeron to sleep. I know those drugs can make you drowsy but i got on those drugs because of the problems I was experiencing from this fatigue. I saw my endo today and he got some blood and told me Ill lay off the testosterone until we get the results back. I plan to see Dr. John anyway to decide if whatever is causing my problems is hormonal. Thanks for the reply.

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