Female AAS usage and fertility

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Spokeonawheel, Dec 5, 2018.

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    My GF recently completed an Anavar cycle about a month ago and was pleased with results and plans on running again in maybe 2 months time. Recently she has been talking about wanting to have another baby. We already have a bunch of kids so I didnt see this coming. There may be a thread for this somewhere. Does anyone have experience with this. How detrimental to fertility is anavar or other typical female AAS (primo, winny, possibly NPP) usage?

    Of course we would be off cycle for 6 mo.s to a year before trying to conceive.
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    I haven't seen anything about women and fertility on Anavar. With that said I have seen Anavar completely mess up their menstrual cycle.

    So, I see this be a problem if you are trying to get pregnant. I would say in a few months she should be back to normal after a good Anavar run.

    Make sure she keeps her calcium intake high while on cycyle.

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    As long as she's off the Anavar while trying to conceive, she'll be fine. Anavar will royally mess up the baby if she's still taking it while pregnant.
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    Women don't get permanently shutdown as men do.
    Many of them take contraceptives for years, yet they usually recover after stopping them.