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    Alright guys, I think this is Meso's first ever Female log Lol I will be updating this every few days and in a few weeks I will be posting before and after pictures. If you have questions about ANYTHING, feel free to PM me!

    The purpose of this log is mainly for any females who have questions about what to expect when taking Oxandrolone, what side effects to look out for, dosages, regimens, etc. It is also for any males who are curious about Oxandrolone for their female counterparts. And finally, it's for anyone who is wondering what a training program looks like for a female that wants to gain strength and some muscle mass along with definition. I do NOT recommend this training OR cycle program to ANY female who has not had YEARS of training under her belt, who does not know how to properly demonstrate the following movements or have someone supervising the said movements. I do NOT suggest females experimenting with AAS for any purpose other than competitive athletes, I do not think the risks/benefits are worth it for the "recreational user".
    With that being said, lets start the show...

    This is my third cycle I am taking Anavar 10/mg per day and plan on running a 10 week cycle
    ( I am sticking to a lower dose of 10mg/day for this cycle because I believe that the last 2 batches of Anavar I received were less than sub-par, and I want to control the sides IF they start to occur.)

    week 1 (first 5 days)- 5 mg/day - 2.5 mg AM/PM
    weeks 2-9 - 10 mg/day
    week 10 (last 5 days) 5mg/day 2.5 AM/PM
    Last 3 days- 2.5 mg/AM
    **I am tapering down the last 8 days of my cycle to slowly bring my body's blood levels/hormone levels back to normal and not shock my endocrine & cardiovascular system.
    **I will be supplementing this cycle with the following vitamins: Omega 3's, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Zinv, Vitamin D3, B6, milk thistle and malic acid.

    ** If you guys want, I can post my "diet" (hate that term Lol, but this is what makes Anavar shine) and regimen for protein powders, etc. But that's not mainly what this log is about

    Current stats
    25 y/o
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 145 lbs (65.9 kg)
    BF(%): 20% ?? (will be getting the most accurate # I can in the next few days)

    What I do for exercise is I'm sure very different than 99% of you....I do Crossfit, with an emphasis on Olympic Lifting (but for this cycle will be doing less cardio "WODs" more heavy Oly Lifting) My goals are purely strength (maybe abs?? :D ) ...I would like all of my lifts to increase by at least 30% and have implemented a more strict training regimen for the next 12 weeks.

    Day 1: 2.5 mg (AM/PM)- Workout consisted of
    --> Front Squats (90%x4 @115#)
    --> Hang Clean (4x4 @ 85#)
    --> Squat Clean (work up to 1RM=135....failed first 3x then hit it next 2 times)
    --> Box jumps (max effort, for explosion training)
    Day 2: 2.5 mg (AM/PM)
    --> at home 20 min KB workout (was feeling sick that day)
    Day 3: 2.5 mg (AM/PM)
    Oly Class (approx 3 hours)
    --> Snatch Drop 2x3 @ 45#
    --> Back Squat 4x3 @ 145#
    --> Snatch Pull 4x4 @ 75#
    --> Clean & Jerk 3x @ 85#
    Day 4: 2.5 mg (AM/PM)
    -->Back Squat 1RM
    -->Deadlift 1RM

    ** Not feeling any difference in strength yet, slightly elevated endurance today (Day 4)
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    Subbed. I've been waiting for this. Should be legendary. :)
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    Odie, you sub to all the girl threads ;)

    Alex's clit enlargement diary is a good one too!
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    Come on bro don't bring that shit in here. Smash is a friend of mine and I've been waiting on this log.
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    Good luck! your goal of 30% increase might be tuff if you been working out hard for awhile...>: )
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    Ill be watching this. Have var for my wife too. Are you taking pharma grade or from a reputable source? Very interested to see your gains and composition changes for this cycle.
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    I feel you, I always aim high and land some where in the middle.
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    Agreed gentlemen, I do like to aim high though ;) as the weeks go by I will post what my starting weights were and what they are that week. I fell of of training for about 8 weeks due to moving and starting a new job, so didn't hit the gym like I wanted. This cycle should be fun! :D
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  9. Your routine looks great, looking forward to seeing the strength gains.

    Good luck!
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    This is your first run right? I think you should be able to hit your goals. Ive cycled a bit so dont always hit my strength goals. Last cycle my bench went up by 50lbs so only the future can tell.

    I agree, lets give her the respect to run a good log. Im highly interested as is my wife. We will both be watching.
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    Good luck in reaching your strength goals. I will be following.
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    Ill be following to, I'm just waiting for the day my girl comes to me asking if she can run var..... With that being said I'd love to hear from another girl on this subject ; ) workout regimen looks solid ; ) keep it up sister
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    I've been waiting for a detailed log on a female var cycle. My other half has asked tons of questions
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    If you have time post your diet pal would be interesting to see. And good luck with the goals sure you will hammer it.
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    I just was telling my girl how crossfit is better than bodybuilding.

    She suggested that we both see other men.
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    LOL I'm just fucking with you.
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    Did you really just say that?? Maybe that's why your arms are 17" instead of 20". I'm kidding I tried cross fit and got injured with in a week. The facility I went to was a joke. You can't just run around and then grab the nearest heaviest thing and throw it up. I damn near tore my Bicep and ended up with tendinitis. Which took months of stretching exercises and a low dose of Deca and lots of fish oil to cure
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    Everyone I know, literally everyone, who does crossfit long term has been horribly injured.

    Not interested.
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    If you watch the GAMES though those guys and girls are jacked and they are the fittest people on the planet. So there has to be good facilities that know what their doing. I'm not gonna spend 150.00 a month though on a bunch of different facilities to find the right one for me. I would rather stick to the gym.
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