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    Hello ladies and gents,

    Not sure if I’m doing this correctly but here I am regardless. Getting ready to start an Anavar only cycle. This will be my first cycle of gear ever. I’ve lifted for around 3-4 years. I compete in npc bikini although I took some time off.

    The plan:
    I’m prepping to get back onto stage for an upcoming bikini competition. Going to run anavar the first 8 weeks of prep and then focus on cutting the last 2-4 weeks (depending on which show I pick and how my body responds)
    I’ll be running 10 mg (5mg in the am and 5 mg in the pm) lifting 6 days a week. I’ll be doing HIIT cardio 2x a week but upping that closer to the show in order to lean out.
    I’ll be counting macros starting prep at around 2100 calories and decreasing from here.
    I’m on a low hormone bc that I will continue to take throughout the cycle. I’ll add in glucosemine and omega 3s and some supplements for my liver as well.

    I’m open to advice, tips, and questions. My main priority is to minimalize sides as staying feminine is high on my priorities. Be nice everyone. I’m learning and a newbie to this.
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    Most peeps here say start with 5mg for the first week to see how your body responds and then up to 10mg(split am/pm) from then on. Also it’s faked as winny sometimes so do your research on your source. But there’s very good sources here. Welcome to meso and good luck!!
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    And your avi looks killer...
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    Wish I could help more in this department but I am not well versed in this department.

    But I do agree to start low and see how your body works.

    Maybe at @wedorecover can help and you should also use the search function and look up @GearGodess posts.

    She used to share a lot of knowledge with the women on the forum.

    Best of luck
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  5. Subbed

    As the guys above have stated and I agree starting with the lowest dose possible is always the best route IMO as well. What makes it a bit difficult is I see a lot of sources don’t make 5mg Anavar and it can get messy trying to split a 10 into quarters. The next thing that I would be concerned about that was also mentioned above is that it’s hard to find REAL anavar. A lot opt for whinny due to the same characteristics and also it being cheaper to make and more expensive of a turn around.

    I will say that if you get your hands on REAL anavar than 10mg will probably be more than you will ever need accompanied by hard work ethic. You’ve stated you’ve competed before so I’m sure you already know what’s in store for you for your prep. A nice bonus with anavar is its characteristic to lower cortisol levels so it will keep you in a better state of mind and better feeling of well being during the nitty gritty days of prep. I myself love the compound for its strength purposes as well. My other half doesn’t compete but she’s into the whole lifestyle pretty well and 10mg makes some huge changes for her when she decides to use it to tighten up throughout the year. That was the dose she started on and she’s never went over that either. Split the same as you’ve laid out as well with an am and a late afternoon dose.

    You also said you’ll be starting to count macros starting prep. But just an idea I would get a good idea of what your intake is now leading up to prep. Starting prep at 2100 and say your taking in around 3000 right now. You don’t want to just make a 900 calorie change over night. I would gradually work into your 2100 cutting back 200 cals or so a week depending on what your daily intake looks like now.

    Best of luck.
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    If you’re ordering from who I think you are, his stuff is legit Var. Saying that, since it’s your first run, go with the 5 unless you want to jump in at 10 like @FourOneDeuxFitt said.
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    Depending on why your show is this may be moot, but 2100 cals doesn’t leave much room to pull from.

    What’re your stats now? Running your own prep? When’s the show?

    As far as var goes if this is your first run, I agree with 5mg to start. However, I’m not sure there’s any reason not to take it into the show. It will help with recomp, add a little tissue in the beginning, and pulling drugs that far out could be an issue since it’s an oral.

    Your entire prep should be focused on leaning out though, and Anavar can help preserve tissue once your low on cals. Even in a non-prep environment my wife hardened up and lost fat.

    Is you’re doing a 10 week prep id start var at 12-14 out, for 6 weeks. Take a 2-4 week break in the middle, and finish prep with another 4-6 weeks however the math works out. Starting at 5mg you’ve got 10-15 mg to ramp towards the show if you want to, but that’s your preference.
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    The only problem with var being ran right up to show time is that many females retain a bit of fluid while running var unlike Primobolan which normally can easily be ran through the entire prep as well as through the show.

    As far as for the dosing of var, it is a good idea for a beginner to begin at 5mg to assess any possible adverse reaction to the drug but then increase the dose to 5mg twice per day for a total of 10mg daily as soon as she is comfortable with her response. Most females usually will not notice any real changes from var until they reach the 10mg per day level

    Edit: @Fitfemale31
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    Entirely possible, but this is bikini, not physique. The tiny bit of water she might hold at 10-15mg of var shouldn’t matter if:
    -she’s appropriately lean for bikini (no striations, no intense muscle separation, etc)
    -she properly peaks (some water loss supplement, appropriate salt and water manipulation given her prep plan, etc)

    Pulling it weeks in advance is definitely a no-go for me. Maybe a couple days, as you’re shedding water the last week anyways. But not weeks.

    My .02. By no means drug science.
  10. I would have initially recommended 5mg but it’s hard to find 5mg Anavar. Normally “women’s” anavar comes in 10mg and I just imagine it being hard to bust down into quarters.

    I don’t think you will jeopardize losing any femininity with 10mg. My girl hasn’t ever had any issues. But every one is different so just assess your tolerance and remember the AAS compliment hard work not replace it. So as long as everything else is in check and tight you’ll be good to go
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    You might look into getting some dndelion root to help with water retention. Look forward to seeing tour progress. Most of the women seem to be in active as of lately on meso.
  12. Mac11wildcat

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    Absolutely shouldn’t see virulization at that dose.
    She can afford to be holding some water during prep.

    At show time, MHP’s Xpel should do the trick which does include dandelion.
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    Yours truly steered her the right away...
  14. Kim

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    We have a source that has 5mg hot chick Var.
  15. Well that’s perfect then.
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    Totally lucked out making friends with Kim in here! Have t even started my cycle and she’s already pointed me the right direction time and time again! Thanks girl
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    Thank you! I’ve been directed to a good domestic source and also have some non-domestic that tested good as well :) how long would you suggest testing it at 5 before bumping it to 10?
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    Thank you that was in the middle of my last prep. I’m a little fluffier now but starting in a better place this time around plus adding in a first cycle I’m hoping to crush my physique this time around.
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    Thanks buddy! How long do you suggest running the Anavar at 5mg a day before bumping it to 10mg if I don’t have any bad sides?
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    Thanks for the tips! I have a good source so I’m not to worried about that part.
    I’m currently eating about 2100/2200 calories and somewhat aware of my macros. I’m only 138 lbs so I’m not at a bad starting number. I most likely won’t drop below 1500 cal my entire prep. I don’t currently do any cardio so I have plenty of space to add a deficit closer to the end of my prep. My coach will be assessing and making the macro changes as needed.
    Does your wife run anavar only cycles? Does she ever add anything else to lean out? Also does she continue or use and birth control while cycling?
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