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    Hi all.

    So I'm thinking of starting a lot on my first sarms cycle. Running osterine and gw for 12 weeks and may use up some left over var @ 5mg/day (I'm side sensitive) from week 5-11.
    Currently on day 4 of 10mg osta only.

    Reason being I find a lot of forums and logs have lots of reps from sarms sites always pushing triple stacks and high doses for females and really minimizing potential sides. Not saying they are wrong but I always take any info from a "sales man" with a grain of salt.

    As mentioned I am side sensitive to Aas which I have learned from running 2 Anavar cycles. If sides on osterine are going to happen I am probably the type to experience them! I can tolerate it up to 7.5mgs of var and get sides at 10mg after a few days. My voice dropped on my last cycle. I ran 5mgs for 4 weeks, 7.5 for 3 weeks and 10 for 1 week. At 10 when my voice got hoarse I dropped to 2.5mgs for a week. Probably where the mistake was made. I should of got off completely. 5 weeks later my voice is 90% back to normal but I do notice it occasionally. My morning voice is definitely deeper now.

    Question...where should I post it? In this forum? Female and steroids or under hgh and peptides?
  2. In here is fine. There's no guarantee you won't have virilization with SARMs. Regardless, they're garbage and I wouldn't waste my time with them.

    Contrary to conventional wisdom, Anavar can be quite virilizing, so if you can't handle it you could give Anadrol a shot. Start with 12.5 mgs/day in divided doses to see how it goes, and increase to a maximum of 25 mgs if you have no issues with the lower dose.

    Anadrol is pretty mild as far as virilization goes, but it usually gives a much better result than Anavar, IMO. There's a thread in this subforum on Anadrol and women that I started a couple of years ago that you might find helpful. There are a couple of logs too.
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    I've come across such varied experiences/opinions on sarms. That is why I want to run an unbiased log.

    I have purchased enough for 40 to 80 days depending on how I dose it so I am going to give it an honest go.
    Can't claim source is 100% legit which is why I am starting with a conservative dose. 10mgs osta for 10 days then will add 10mgs gw. Up dose slowly from there depending on results.
    I Hear everywhere that a lot of sarms are bunk and pro hormones, but then same people promote specific sites. 1 mostly. So I question if it's truth or just reps flooding the forums. I guess I'm the guinea pig.
    I didn't order from these sites because of $500 min order.

    Since gw is a ppar and not a sarm is it reasonable to say legit gw should have no viralization?