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    Because of the lack of resources on steroids for women I decided to log my personal experience during my Anavar/ clenbuterol cycle (roids from Alpha Pharma).
    This is going to be my first cycle on steroids. Ive been on the cycle for a little ver a week now I just have been waiting for my account on here to be approved.

    I am 21 years old, 5'3", started the cycle at 157. My body fat was probably around 20% but I have a lot of muscle as well. My training consists of mostly sports conditioning (sprinting, plyos), crossfit, cycling, and some bodybuilding. The goal is to be able to improve my 45 meter sprint time as well as improve muscular strength and aesthetics. I workout 6 days a week typically doing 2-3 workouts a day lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours. Yes I know its a lot but its what I do and it works.
    My diet pretty much is white rice, chicken, veggies. And of course I do whey protein and casein. I do RP Strength for nutrition planning and I am on cut 3 which is really strict.
    Macros: 122P 130C 7.5F
    (carbs are low for a reason)

    The plan I had for my cycle was 6-8 weeks on 10mg of anavar split 5mg in morning and 5mg 9 hours later. I am on a time schedule so I am trying to get results as fast as possibly which I know isn't always what you should do, it just took a long time to get my pills and it took me awhile to give in to taking steroids (no offense to anyone on here). Because of that I decided to go on Clenbuterol while being on anavar. I waited 2 days before I started the Clenbuterol to make sure my body handled the anavar well.

    So this was the plan:
    day 1-2: 20mcg clen
    day3-4: 40 mcg
    day 5-6: 60 mcg
    day 7-12: 80mcg
    day 13: 60mcg
    day 14: 40mcg
    All of this while on 10 mg anavar.

    I started Var on the 19th and Clen on the 21st.
    Results I saw after 11 days:
    I lost some weight, went down to 153.8 this morning so thats down from 157. From what I've heard from people taking clen they lost weight super quick. I feel like I am loosing weight quick but not as fast as id like. Maybe I expected a better result since a clen cycle usually is only 2 weeks. I would take the clen in the morning and then more before 1 pm but nothing after that.
    I have gained muscle from the var I know that for sure because my lifting numbers have went up and my wrist which had surgery over a month ago feels stronger. Also my power output while sprinting has dramatically increased which I am super happy about. When I workout I get a serious pump and its made my muscles fatigue during my bodybuilding sessions. I feel like when i do lateral raises my shoulders just get so pumped and fatigued during high reps. Probably from the anavar but it makes me have to push through more pain.

    Honestly had little to more sides. Like i said before the anavar gives me a real pump but I haven't noticed anything else from that. The clen did increase my body temp a bit but not really my heart rate (I use a whoop). The clen did make my muscles cramp up some like my neck and back especially. I take taurine and eat bananas to help that as well as take mild thistle for liver support. I expected the clen to make me sweat a lot and make me wired since many people have said thats what happens to them on clen but even while taking 80 mcg I haven't had those feelings. My body has taken many medication and stimulants before so maybe stims don't affect me as much. I do get headaches, mostly after I take the clen and anavar in the morning.

    After 7 days:
    I changed my dosages after 7 days because I just wasn't feeling like I was getting the best results. I lost some weight in the beginning but then was stuck at 155 for a few days.
    Changed Anavar from 10 mg to 15 mg (7.5 morning/ 7.5 afternoon)
    Changed Clen to 100 mcg on day 9. (would have been 80 mcg for 6 day but ended up being 80 mcg 2 days then 100 mcg 4 days then back to 60 to taper off)
    I also changed the time I take the Clen. I saw some people said they saw great results taking it right before bed. So based on that I take 40 mcg in the morning which the first dose of anavar, then I will take 20 mcg in the afternoon about 1 pm, and then I take 40 mcg at bedtime. Like im in my bed about to sleep then I take it so that I get to sleep before it has the chance to wake me up. After 2 days of taking the clen right before bed (20 mcg sunday night, 40 mcg monday night) I weighed myself and went down to 153.8 after being stuck at 155. It could be because of the change in time I am taking the clen or the fact that I am taking 100 mcg now. BTW taking clen at night did not make me wired at night. I slept fine and woke up awake. However from what people have said I don't recommend taking it before bed if it affects you during the day.

    Hope that helps some people and answers some questions. If you have questions feel free to ask just be respectful. This post is to help women know how to safely take steroids not for people to criticize how I do things.
    If anyone has any tips that would be awesome. I did my research but this still is my first cycle.
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  2. what’s your diet look like? it doesn’t seem like you’re eating a whole lot. any reason for that? or just trying to cut body fat?

    what are your real goals? you mentioned that you want to improve your sprinting but just curious why you thought clen/var would do the trick.

    any plans for future cycles?
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    21yo and 153 pounds, an outlier for 5’3” gal. Which makes applying your experience to others very difficult.

    Several other factors should also be included as a measure of “safety”

    Namely; LABS and the impact your cycle had on female development, such as facial hair growth, menstrual changes etc.

    Finally it’s difficult for others to guage Risk vs Benefit wo knowing what YOUR goals are in more specific terms.

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    Yeah I’m really not eating a lot. Basically as far as carbs are concerned I’m eating about as much as my body needs to get through the day and training. Like I said I’m on the 3rd part of my cut so it’s very restrictive for the reason that I need to drop weight fast. It’s not how I want to do it but I’m working with a strict timeline. This doesn’t mean that I’m not eating enough. The macros I’m on are specific to me and my weight.

    My goals are to improve my athletic performance and explosiveness also decrease my 45 meter sprint time by at least one full second. I am not a bodybuilder and I am not preparing for any type of show. I’m trying to build more muscle while staying lean and loosing fat. Anavar is really popular amoung track athletes for the purpose of improving sprint times while staying lean. And then I added the clen to help with bringing my body fat down quickly. I’m thinking 145lbs would be a good weight to get down to for me but it really depends on my performance. Aesthetics do matter (I wanna look built with nice shoulders) but it’s not the main goal.
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    Forgot to add I also eat 2 cups of vegetables/leafy greens with 4 out of 6 meals which are not counted towards my daily carbs. So it’s more food than it sounds.
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    Good luck to you! Hope you have a good experience.
    As far as losing fat, (warning: this is my opinion only), wish you would give yourself proper time and not result to using clen. Have you read about this compound? When I read about it, it scared the shit out of me. But that is me and this thread is about your experience not about ppl bashing you for your choices LOL. I'm sorry!
    Glad you are starting the var at a low dose. If sides present themselves you should be able to stop immediately and hope they revert (just depends on the person).
    Love var!
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