Females and Anadrol

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    I'll show you mine if you show me yours?:p

    You should check out our logs more often for "progress pics".
    I think I'm overdue for one;)
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    Which orals, specifically? Or did I miss that somewhere?
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    Lol. I don't think so.

    Much like you I'm sure, guys would come over and hit on her if we were out and I had to go to the restroom. We always laughed about it and it never bothered me. It goes with the territory when you are dating a beautiful women.

    Less than a month after starting to date every time we got home from going out she would start give me the complete run down of every woman she saw looking at me throughout the night.

    Each time we went out she would get progressively madder when she was giving me this rundown. Every time I would say the same thing "I have no idea I was only paying attention to you. You are beautiful, I'm very happy with you and I would never screw it up by cheating on you." She would apologize but the same thing would happen the next night.

    I made it about 5 months because everything else about her I loved but when she admitted she couldn't help herself and thought she would always do it even though she knew I had nothing to do with it I couldn't stick around any longer.

    All that plus we haven't dated yet;)!
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    I tried it, reminded me too much of prison....
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    I have had the same results with Anadrol, Winstrol, dbol and Anavar (anavar and Winstrol took a bit longer to rear their ugly heads).
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    Now that's a poster child for legitimate GCM, and to think some are "concerned about a bump under the nip about the quarter size of a PEA"!
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    Fix the diet thru the addition of FIBER, bc what goes in WILL come out in due course barring an anatomical obstruction which you obviously DONT HAVE!

    Good luck
  8. Any advice for @Masters Power's swooning? I told him his E2 must sky high and he's on the gyno train but I don't think he believed me.
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  9. Oxymetholone and virilization:

    Treatment of aplastic anaemia (AA) with antilymphocyte globulin (ALG) and methylprednisolone (MPred) with or without androgens: a randomized trial ... - PubMed - NCBI

    This study was done on aplastic anaemia patients.

    "134 patients with acquired aplastic anaemia (AA) were given HALG 15 mg/kg/d for 5 d and methylprednisolone for 1 month, and randomized to receive (n = 69) or not (n = 65) oxymetholone 2 mg/kg/d p.o. daily for 4 months."

    "Side-effects, including biochemical abnormalities and virilization, could be controlled and were reversible."

    2mg/kg taken every day (by mouth).

    That's a lot of drol - and for 4 months too. (Hypothetically for a 120lb woman that would be 100mg of drol qd. Chances are no female aas user is going to be running that much drol in the first place - but it's still impressive.)

    Virilization was mentioned to be controllable and reversible too.
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    Wow nice read my lady is running var but I do have some drol on hand might have to look into this will they put on water weight from the drol ?
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    What your asking is different in females compared to males as female hormonal physiology is based on E-2.

    And to that end the magnitude of bloat females acquire from Drol although not as limited as Var is generally minimal, but will also correlate with the dose used.

    Besides that I see no justification for noncompetitive females to run a cycle dry as many males do for the reasons I just mentioned, the importance of estrigen in females can not be overemphasized, IMO
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    Yes You can read It in The women section. I have Made a thread
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    Dude just read the thread, good shit, idk how I missed it before.
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    Ya I seen it when he made it great info
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    I've heard small dose of A-bombs can do a female well if her training and diet is on point. Has she tried Var tho? @wedorecover

    My girl became a asshole on Anavar 15mg per day. Whoa! Dam
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    I never ran it yet but I hear of woman having great results with it. I'd like to try it myself.
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    Ya she ran var and did great got really lean
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    I'm gonna run var in a minute here.
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