Females and Anadrol

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    It all depends on the female and the reasons she is on BC as well as the kind of BC. I personally found that running gear on BC reduces my gains and I do way better off it.
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    Wow this is extremely interesting
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    Found Anadrol to be way less harmful than var with wife. Same cycle length. Half the change in libido and lady parts compared to var No change in voice hair or skin. Var had her hair take a hit pretty good. To top it off anadrol far outperformed in strength and lean mass gain. Liver toxicity was a bit higher.
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    That said it is extremely hard to verify 100% clean Var from previous cycle,these days I always save one tab of every cycle just in case something changes in the future to know for sure,but labmax doesnt really tell me purity or strength. Thats another reason I think Anadrol is better for women,way more likely to be pure,considering its cost on the larger market to manufacture
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    Anavar doesn't cost that much to manufacture anymore. And their are several sources that have repeatedly passed testing at anaboliclab.com
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    Did any of you guys put your girls on sarms ? sarms have no virilization effect on women and some of them have good anabolic effects. although there are so many reviews about sarms by men, I couldn't find any reviews about sarms done by females on the internet.