Fight Shorts/WOD Shorts/Ranger Panties

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  1. Mac11wildcat

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    Ok...desperation setting in. Short story; I have ~27” legs and a ~30” waist.

    The issue is all pants and non-athletic shorts, but my current predicament is bathing suits for vacation.

    Does anyone have experience with fight or WOD shorts as far as leg opening/looseness above the knee? Board shorts are nowhere near wide enough, athletic shorts stay wet all day, even those stupid ass chubbies won’t fit. Open to all other suggestions.

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  2. tengtren

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    IMG_1073.PNG Yeah man board shorts are a no go lol
    I rock these babies
  3. Gaynz39

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    Fight shorts usually fit pretty tight in the legs. Big as your Quads are I’ll say Atheltic Short is bought as good as your gonna get unless you want the shit skin tight
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    Looks like I’m shaving these meat sticks and going euro trash for the week on the island.
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  5. Mac11wildcat

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    Found the answer;

    Fit is amazing for guys with larger legs/ass (30” waist, 42” at the widest point of my glutes, 27” legs). Went with a M. Amazing. Zippered pockets, drawstring with a not gay looking elastic waist, and no liner.
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