Filter Needles Instead of Syringe Filters

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Thunder Bear Sword, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Hey guys,

    A few years ago, a user here talked about using monoject needle filters to filter their homebrew instead of syringe filters, bottle top filters, etc. I know a lot of people use needle filters to draw from ampules (in case there of any broken glass) but has anyone else used them instead of syringe filters for brewing their own gear? The user said it was easier and quicker and just as sterile and reliable as whatman filters. If you've used them:

    -How many ml's do you typically get per needle?
    -How are you using them to filter? Do you filter your brew by using the monoject to draw your solution (like most do with ampules) and then use a regular needle to fill your vials, or do you draw the brew into your syringe and then use the monoject to filter into your vial (like most of us do when homebrewing with a syringe filter)?

    If you've got experience with these, let me know. This could be an awesome and highly underutilized solution for those of us who don't brew nearly enough to warrant bottle top filters.
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    A filter needle does not sterilize anything... it just keeps chunks of glass from getting sucked up from an ampule.

    A Whatman filter sterilizes the oil pushed through it.

    That user was an idiot.
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    A filter needle filters down to 5 microns, while a syringe filter you should use filters down to .22 microns. There's a big difference be careful who you listen to.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. The thing is, if I was wondering about this after reading it, you know there is someone else out there wondering the same thing. And the ONLY source out there was the one recommending the monojects.

    I appreciate the knowledge of this community. Thanks again.
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    Filter needles are made to filter the possible glass that can go into a vial on break tops and similar other things like this. IE big particulates. Not microscopic ones.