Filter paper for vacuum setup questions

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    With a syringe filter setup I get and see the .2 Whataman filters for sale. Why don't I see this available for a glass vacuum filter setup?

    How do I know what filter will fit my setup and what size filter do I use?

    There's a million choices of these and the setups I'm seeing it's not really obvious to me.
    The number system used for syringe filters and paper filters seems different. Even the bottle top systems use the syringe filter numbers but buying the glass setup I'm not seeing these same options.
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    Where are you looking? It's pretty common in .45 and .22 .
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    Be careful with glass setups, you'd better avoid them
    oil can leak beneath the filter membrane, leaving oil unfiltered without you even noticing.

    While big pharma uses disposable membranes,
    they use sturdy, stainless steel housings that securely hold the membrane in place with rubber gaskets

    Finding sterile membranes will be hard
    big pharma places disposable membranes in an autoclave before use.
    If you don't own an autoclave, you're risking unsterility.

    IMO stick to syringe filters for personal use, or jump straight to Whatman Polycaps instead of Zapcaps for anything large scale.
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    I looked on Amazon and eBay.
    I rarely see either one of those listed outside of the syringe filter.

    I see things like 9cm, 15cm,
    'Qualitative Filter Paper 11.0cm PK100 WHATMAN' & 'Whatman Filter Paper #40 Ashless, 125mm'
    My entire first page search on eBay of "Whataman filter papers" showed zero .45 & .22 results with everything showing the cm measurement , none of those being .45 or .22 etc.

    Amazon is similar but seems to show the word micron which is what I want but there are different grades and the cm seems to be everywhere again. I can't seem to find Whataman .22 filter paper and do I need a certain thickness for certain setups etc?
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    The diameter of where the filter sits (where the funnel neck connects to the media bottle) is what they are talking about.

    In this example:
    47mm Glass Filtration Set, Fritted Glass Base|Price: $195

    Where the clasp is, that's where the filter sits. This one is 47mm.

    The pore size is measured in um.

    You still need at LEAST .22um and they also sell glass micro filters now with .1um.
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    That's slick